24.02.2023 Feature Article

President Buhari Warn Catastrophic Governors Of Likely Arrest During This Election Period

President Buhari Warn Catastrophic Governors Of Likely Arrest During This Election Period
24.02.2023 LISTEN

That Criminal, Political, Ethnic And Religious Violence Is Unacceptable On Voters, They Will Face Custody Immunity Or no Immunity

President Buhari, if you can contravene the Supreme Court’s Rulings, if there are constitutional crises caused by erratic governors, they must face immediate arrest during this election circle.

Arrest political violence prone governors who use rogue and vulnerable Police, Armed force, DSS, Vigilante, corps members, and other unform officers to scare and stop people voting on election day. They all especially the good ones should resist governors prone to electoral immorality and political violence.

Electorally, Nigeria is known unfortunately as a place where election is seen as a do or die action. Political parties of all types especially with influences from State governors, party-candidates and cliques are known to seek out wicked and vulnerable uniform men and women, even acquire their own private security, militias or party thugs; to carry out acts of electoral violence just to win by all means.

Although not all, security agents assigned with the role of monitoring and safeguarding elections and the electoral process have been known to intimidate, abuse and arrest party leaders, officials and voters not on the side of governor’s choice. They face harassment, risks, and death threats. Even assassinations.

The deployment of military elections which is not supposed to be in a democratic society has started, but let's hope the vulnerable among them, including those of the police, DSS, Civil defense will not be used by corrupt and power drunk governors to mar the election.

It is a reality that elections in Nigeria are usually viciously contested. Making the risks of violence always high, particularly for the electorate through the hands of state governments and their selected security agents.

Governors, not all of them, have made violence a seeming permanent feature of political competition in the country to the extent that electioneering is seen as comparable to war. The gone astray governors are political warriors in form of combatants.

The ritual of Nigerian presidential contenders signing the election peace accord means nothing to violent prone governors who want their presidential and legislative candidates to get into office at all cost.

Such agreements are acts of intervention of political forces and security forces to enforce stability in the process. Bad governors do not care.

The voters become victims of rogue governors who are precariously endangering lives using security agents and vigilantes who act with impunity and stop voters from exercising their voting rights for good governance and a better future.

Rogue governors with their rogue security forces undermine the election process, fueling an atmosphere of violence. Just to get a win, reprobate media and corrupt judges should be factored into this election war from grotesque and malevolent governors.

President Buhari over and over has called for a free, fair and secure election in possible.

So arrest the rogue governor and their security followers in order to ensure a level playing ground and safety for all stakeholders, voters in this election.

Let's watch out for bad governors and their state government and security agents planning to intimidate opposition and manipulate elections.

Let's watch out for governors who fan corruption pressures on the poor, sponsor rogue media, push sectarian killings, ethnicity and religious-based violence, and brutally go against youthful voters. President Buhari, as part of your legacy and disciplined military mind, those governors planning to attack citizens' constitutional rights must be subdued now. As they are all about making sure not all votes count by intimidating, harassing, and causing turmoil during and after the elections, particularly in the rustic areas of their respective state.