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Women should fight for equity, not equality - YDUA President

By Eric murphy Asare II Contributor
Women should fight for equity, not equality - YDUA President
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Young women have been advised to prioritize career goals in life and do away with meager things in life, especially relationships that do not seek the progress of their achievement in life.

In a FedEx form of a student conversation with life achievers organized by the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) on Sunday 2ND October, 2022 at the St Luis College of Education dubbed "NUGs Talk", celebrities from various sectors of professions shared their life experiences to encourage young and enterprising youth in the Ashanti Region to be proactive in every aspect of their life.

President of the Young Democratic Union of All Centre-Right Political Parties in Africa and a bloc under the International Democratic Union, Luisa Atta Agyeman, who does not consider herself a feminist has said, the fight for equality and equity for women is a no call.

She is of the view that women should rather seek equity instead of equality.

“Equality is like measuring these flowers, you expect them to be on the same level in height and in strength, that's equality, how do women want to be equal with men," she asked.

she emphasized, "Equity is when one is considered soft, and vulnerable, and should be given the quality of being fair and impartial, this is what we must fight for and not equality with men."

The former president of the Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS) and former general secretary of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) said young ladies should be submissive to their respective and potential husbands however should shake off any form of intimidation by men in achieving their goals in life.

She further advised them to equip themselves for any opportunity that comes their way.

"You should prepare yourself academically and emotionally and be ready for opportunities when they avail themselves, my life is a typical example to you, I got married while studying, and I prepared myself so well that any opportunity that came my way never slipped," she said.

She stressed, "It does not matter where you come from, what you do, or the challenges you are going through, just be yourself and believe in your dreams."