Sunyani-Techiman road, a looming death trap!

Feature Article Sunyani-Techiman road, a looming death trap!
SEP 26, 2022 LISTEN

As an ardent road user, I cannot be nonchalant relative to the current egregious nature of the Sunyani-Techiman road. Many of my friends and loved ones got so worried the very first time I was to drive along that stretch all due to the overly deplorable nature of the road which can easily truncate innocent lives.

Ideally, successive governments ought to have placed high premium on that road looking at how vital it is especially when it links the Northern enclaves to the South. However, the opposite has been the reality as the road has been neglected without any modicum of concern.

Potholes have transmogrified into manholes causing drivers to always leave their lanes in their bid to swerve these uncountable manholes, a situation which can easily trigger head-on collisions!

So as a country must we sit aloof and wait until innocent lives are wasted on that road before an attempt is made to fix this very important road!

The Sunyani-Techiman road is now a potential volcano, whose eruption with its attendant molten magma has the propensity to wash away a lot of beautiful Ghanaian lives. So must this happen before as a nation we see the need to get this road fixed?

The reactivity of successive governments towards critical issues such as this is a characteristic we must strive to eliminate. We need proactivity in all facets of our national live in order to eschew potential doom.

The government must thus take urgent steps to get the road fixed as soon as possible to prevent the looming danger posed by this cold-blooded road!

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana and Make Our Nation Great and Strong

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