30.05.2022 Feature Article

'The Abronyetization of Bono NPP!'

'The Abronyetization of Bono NPP!'
30.05.2022 LISTEN

I always possess the testicular fortitude to critically air my views on the most arduous situations confronting the great kukrudu movement largely because I never intend to lick the boots of any figure within the political atmosphere.

As a neutralist within the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition, I am always driven by my intellectual acumen in arriving at the stance i take on pertinent issues.

Hence, it will be a complete waste of my precious intellectual energy if I woefully fail to constructively subject the re-election of Abronye to high level intellectual scrutiny.

I wish to state categorically and emphatically without any equivocation or fear of contradiction that the re-election of Abronye DC as the regional chairman by the Bono regional delegates constitutes a reckless endorsement of absurdity and mediocrity.

The re-election of Abronye by a political movement who prides itself with intellectualism and academic masterclass is further coterminous with an endorsement of ineptitude.

As an intellectually oriented political movement, we cannot afford to placebo the fortunes of the NPP in the 2024 elections with a political hyena like Abronye as its regional chairman. This decision characterizes the lowest moment of Bono regional politics.

The victory chalked by Abronye further constitutes a gradual transmogrification of the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition into an abyss of lunacy!

Obviously with Abronye in charge, politico-verbal diarrhoeal infestation will hit a crescendo. A situation which will irritate floating voters thereby eroding our political fortunes in 2024.

Ofcourse the NPP parliamentary seats in the Bono region is likely to be further whittled down with a character like Abronye leading our troops into battle 2024.

This is a guy who has successfully anthropomorphized vile insults to the extent that he insults everybody within this country including former presidents, political opponents, chiefs, opinion leaders, the clergy etc. And if I may ask is this the sort of chairman any serious political region should yearn for?

I am completely stultified by this hollow decision taken by the Bono regional delegates.

Now, with such a political sadomasochist at the helm of affairs of the Bono region let's see how our great Kukrudu fraternity transcends beyond 2024!

Long Live the NPP

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana