The Black Renaissance: Restoration of Black Dignity.

By DC Kwame Kwakye
Opinion The Black Renaissance: Restoration of Black Dignity.
SEP 18, 2022 LISTEN

Often times the blackman with reference to Africans have been seen as the scare of the world. This perception though unfair is an ideology that has been pushed, sustained by the global system which tend not favour Africans and blacks across the globe.

For blacks to be able to extricate ourselves from the shackles of such a system which has resulted in us being in a place of quagmire, poverty and deprivation, greed and selfishness, and wanton disregard of our plight from our leadership, then, we have to turn to discover who we are within and not without.

Also, not just knowing who we are but, being able to apply such knowledge of who we are as black people is of paramount merit to our liberation.

It is great to know about who you are as a black person but it is more profound to be able to walk in the knowledge of who you are. These are two different things and the challenge lies in "Harnessing the ability to walk in the knowledge of our self realized consciousness (Mensah, 2022)".

Knowing about who we are as blacks is good knowledge all over the globe but the bigger issue is being able to walk in the knowledge of our personality (the unique traits that constitute our individual and collective identity).

To be able to identify our distinct character which makes our personality through reading or oral transmission is not enough to liberate blacks from the psychological enslavement of the false personality imprinted on our mind boards as inferior race.

One technique that can help us transcend this fallacies and walk in our true personality is, "We must first realize our personality from within and not without (Mensah, 2022).

The error is, most blacks are trying to realize their personality from without through reading books, archeological researches and by oral transmission. Such systems only creates bitterness, anger and internal strife which slowly kills the observer. That is, blacks by making you see only how much have been taken away from you and not making you realize how much energy you still have within to bounce back to take your rightful place in this life.

Such system of external knowledge acquisition does not bring out the needed renaissance (a revival of or renewed interest in blacks issues)

but, rather a violent revolution which have proven not successful.

In F. P. Mensah's appreciation, "What we need now as black people is, to be able to go back within our being to rediscover our true essence, the power, beauty and love that we possessed within our being before the age of our indoctrination."

This is where the energy that we need to bring about the needed renaissance rests. That is, the revival of the blackman to occupying his rightful place in the comity of nations will spring forth.

As long as we seek the knowledge of our personality from without our being, we will always be loud, noisy empty drums. This is what is accounting for most black liberation leaders and many black people not wanting to stay on the land of the blacks but prefer to be in Europe and the western world. This is because true liberation starts from within and beyond the intellect and not from without.

Look at the grip of religion not spirituality, school not education, politics not leadership and media holds on humanity, yet we can not break loose from it grips and it appears life cannot be ok without them which is absolute falsehood.

To be able to break away from all the shackles of psychological enslavement, we the blacks must begin the search of our true identity and personality from within. Once we connect to our own intelligence from within our being, the true candle of irresistible black liberation and renaissance will be lighted and nothing can stop it.

This is the true path and THE WAY to realizing the black liberation.

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