15.08.2022 Feature Article

So We are All Corrupt? No!

So We are All Corrupt? No!
15.08.2022 LISTEN

There is a posting going around by one Kwaku Addai Tardieh that we are all corrupt and that politicians come from the society, and hence only the word of God can change us.

I hate to say that what this man has written is of a thwarted logic! Man was born with sin, and so why would he correct his children and teach them right from wrong, to stay away his toddler from fire and danger.

If the word of God is the only way, why would the white man in America and Europe, and others who brought us their religion, and the Chinese and Asians, be holding so many in prison including corrupt politicians!

Life has rules and laws- of fairness, equity, right and wrong, human rights, service integrity, performance expectations, justice, and accountability.

If everything was going on fine and society did not need leaders to guide and correct wrongs and fix problems, and instill discipline, why would we go through the trouble to elect these politicians as leaders of community or the nation and

Why would we pay them, to continue the same bad habits that is holding all of us back!

Why would we call them Honorable, His Excellency, Your Honor, etc.

Nobody should buy this logic! No!

DISCIPLINE is missing in our Ghanaian and it seems many African societies, and

  • the cheating student
  • corrupt doctors and nurses
  • corrupt customs officers
  • corrupt teacher, headmaster, matron, civil servant,
  • engineer who takes kickbacks and pass a shoddy public works,
  • the police, anti-Galamsey military who takes money and watches society fail,

most of them deserve to be HANGED like Shaka Zulu hanged people in the public arena!

Some top people deserve the death penalty where peoples’ lives are jeopardized due to their corruption!

A Politician who is caught in corrupt practices should suffer ten times the penalty and go to prison and should never hold public office again! Period!! I would like the Shaka Zulu method best or the death penalty I some cases!

The people have suffered enough and it’s time the greed and selfishness ends!

Dr. K. Danso

Intn’l President- GLU- Ghana a leadership Union.

Aug.14, 2022