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'My madam brought me from Nigeria, I've to do 'ashawo' to pay her GHS15,000 to win my freedom' - Asankragwa-based sex worker cries

'My madam brought me from Nigeria, I've to do 'ashawo' to pay her GHS15,000 to win my freedom' - Asankragwa-based sex worker cries
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An Asankragwa-based Nigerian sex worker in the Amenfi West Municipality of the Western Region is unhappy at the frustrations they had to go through in their line of work.

In an interaction with Connect FM‘s Kaakyire Kofi Badu, she said the sex workers are currently in disarray after their brothels were demolished by the Municipal Chief Executive, Lord Nana Tandoh.



Ella, who has been in the country for just one month, narrates that she was lured into the business by a lady who is currently based at Praso in the Central Region.

“My madam is currently at Praso. She brought me from Nigeria and said I will have to pay her an amount of GH¢15,000 before I will have my freedom. I have been sleeping with men all day to repay my debt on time. I pay GH¢400 every week to her, there are times I make only GH¢ 300 and when that happens, she will take GH¢280 and give me only GH¢20. I'm still owing her about GH¢8000 and I'm already tired of this job,” she narrated.

According to Ella, there are many benefits to being a madam in the commercial sex business than a beginner.

She is however not ready to give up on the job anytime soon.

“It is frustrating I had to sleep with men and give the money to another person but I have no option. I want to pay her off and also go for girls from Nigeria to come and work for me. My dream is to also become a madam. I’m now paying to get my freedom, so I sleep with men in this area for money. There are times the job is good and, at other times, I don’t even get a man to service me in exchange for money,” she indicated.

Responding to the move by the Municipal Chief Executive to demolish their brothels, Ella indicated that their presence in the area poses no security threat.

“We are only here to work just like any other Ghanaian. It is not a good business but we have been looking for jobs and nobody is ready to work with us so this is where we also find our daily meals,” she added.

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