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08.06.2005 Feature Article

On the positive side of hotel Kufuor

On the positive side of hotel Kufuor
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Chief, the son of the sitting President of Ghana John A. Kufuor's, has the audacity to go into business in Ghana and there is a national cry of foul play, arm twisting and using his privilege position to acquire property, to go into business to build a hotel in Ghana and that is his crime.

Give us a break.

Now folks, for any progressive thinking country the example set by Chief have to be emulated. For if, the privilege among us were to invest their moneys whether they got the money legitimate or not and were to use their influence and leverage to acquire property, to build hotels, to build factories, anything that will give employment to we the unprivileged and suffering masses, what a long way it will go to free the limited resources that our government has to concentrate it's energies in other sectors of the economy. But that is not to be.

From the time of independence till now, can we as a people give an example of a privilege son or daughter who even ever thought of investing some of the excess money that they had access to, in investing in Ghana for the benefit of the suffering masses? The answer is emphatically no. We are all aware of how these privilege people steal our limited resources and invest them in foreign countries thus given employment and financial advantages to the host country to the detriment of Ghana and it's honest, hard working citizens.

Now, the likes of “ Prof. E. Gyimah-Boadi, Executive Director of the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD), Reverend Dr. Fred Deegbe of the Christian Council, Mr. Daniel Batidam, Executive Secretary of Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), the local chapter of Transparency International (TI), among others have all called for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the hotel building acquisition, and full disclosure.”

Who are visionless, empty of any meaningful ideas, progressive haters and were supposed to have being knowledgeable but are not are the ones calling for an investigation, to waste the little money that the nation have in pursuit of a useless and a trivial matter as one building a hotel of how many rooms? 50? 100? or 200 rooms. It amazes me how these so called learned people have absolutely nothing to offer us, be it ideas, incentives or meaningful suggestions to move the nation forward economically, but waste our time and our resources on very trivial matters.

For Chief Kufour and his group to have the courage to invest in our motherland speaks volumes about the trust they have in the rule of law in this country, the trust they have in the stability of the future government. For not very long ago in the distant past, our privilege, powerful and knowledgeable people were tearing down 5 stars hotels thus scaring away potential investors and depriving we, the under privilege of our livelihood.

Chief Kufour by so doing have put a challenge to other privilege sons and daughters to invest in their backyard since our backyard is also very fertile for if we do not invest in our backyard how do we except the foreign investor to invest in it for us.

Chief Kufour you have done a wonderful work, we the under privilege and the poor who look onto you the privilege to create such working opportunities for us commends your action. Keep it up. Let the blood thirsty, visionless and corrupt of any meaningful ideas, the so called leaders step aside.

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