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Nana Frema Busia: "All IMF die be die"; Arise Ghana

Nana Frema Busia: All IMF die be die; Arise Ghana
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What a painful 2022 Republic Day "bankruptcy bomb", when the Akufo Addo government's reckless borrowing, self- centred and corrupt economic mis-management ploys, short - circuited into a self- inflicted IMF "all die be die" boiling pot!

Demand Proper Accountability from the  frolicking economic  folly with Solidarity
Those who claim super Ability
Have dished out tactile Corruption & Incompetence with resulting Impotence Inspite of their Impudence!

Oh shambles of humbling shameful catastrophe
With such shameless Agility!
Whatever happened to the Veep  Bawumia/ Ken Ofori Attah strong & proud  Ghana Beyond Aid agenda, while thumbing noses at insightful international downgrades? So the IMF Never -Never Again pronouncement  had no Viability?

Oh, how have the high and mighty "Kukrudu" gurus fallen from grace to grass to move from remote to direct IMF control for failure of economic governance. What a tantalizing retrogade equalization with the NDC that is salivating an NPP "do or die" thrown gauntlet for 2024!

May I please ask with tingly feet, what will happen if IMF does not bail us out as some folks are demanding with angst? And, what would NDC do differently to solve the crisis when their "Go To controller" is the same IMF, "boot for boot"?

Will a Ghana on its knees wise up to reform its unwieldy 1992 Constitution and look critically at the independent candidate space? And, what is on substantive offer to salvage the perennial leadership vacuum to solve critical needs?

ARISE Ghana: resist with vitality the ongoing "you cannot do it" i.e "WONTUMI" brigade  brand of Politics
With deployment of    "WONTUME", you won't uproot or "overthrow" me Tactics!
Is this IMF inept equalization how they intend to "break the eight" Mortality? 

Where is the Reliability and the sustainability of lost Talent misleaders with Apparent Promises versus Policy Incompatibility which has led Ghana to an economic and potential political instability?

Yet they utterly refuse to take   responsibility for failing to keep Faith with Public Trust

Is it true that many countries are in distress? Yes, but The Covid 19/Ukraine global crisis blame-game in Ghana's case has but partial validity. It certainly cannot solely explain current Ghana debt Liabilities and trending myriad Inabilities.
There are definite other issues to Reflect and Address.

Recall how they promised National Unity with no borrowing  Economic Sanctity?
See how they have cooked : Borrowing  Irrationality Incestuous Investment Fraternities
With procurement breaches, self -dealing and conflicts of interest for selfish benefits rather than national interest;
Embarked on Destroy to build  State funded Cathedral Irresponsibility ;
Achimota forest /Gallamsey indulgence and Climatic depletion Disparity;
Economic policy Deficiencies
With Justice Inequalities;
Governance Inequities and
Unsound Populist Priorities 
With Debilitating Insufficiency;
Mindful of Ethnic Fragility
While COURTING Disunity;

Insulated by kick backs & loose spending with unaccountability; Desperado  E- levy ill conceived and  timed with  Insensitivity;

Failure to fight corruption with   Flagship policies with poor implementation draining our Finances; For example, How do you claim to inherit a broke economy and implement  a quality - compromised  free wholesale SHS without a pilot or sliding- scale when you have significant numbers who can fully or partially pay fees? 

How do you incapacitate  revenue generating toll booths to turn into toilet booths?  what is the pay off when you have systemic unemployment and financial melt down from unresuscitated 'failed' banks ?

Populist Grandstanding: How do you increase  number of  Regions by 50%!  and embark on huge Ministerial  baggage and  Presidential staff inundation with attendant crippling administrative  costs to already depleted  budget supporting Article 71 freebie Insanities?  what is the justification when you borrow to pay salaries?

Are they not reaping the fruits of "Yentie obiaa"  pride goes before a fall - power drunk wheeling and dealing Mentality with corruption induced nation- wrecking  Agyapa and Akers deals on the horizon ?

Proclaiming No Aid is the Way
En route  IMF all the Way?

Obaa Yaa  Ghana,  is there no salient alternative to "ping-pong" recycled governance of  endless mediocrity?

Fixing a broken Ghana
Require selfless devotion
to Nation
Rather than selfish acquisition in Motion
Yet The operational Notion
is to gain weaĺth Oceans
While others endure endless suffocation
The ensuing stealth
Puts development on soiled Ice
This is not Karma that is Right

Resource Rich Ghana with Insecurity on the Rise? Insufficiency is not from God who is all knowing and Wise
It is a derivative Of Ghana's inability to Arise!

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