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02.04.2005 Feature Article

"No Way Jose" And "Hell No" Kofi Is Not Resigning

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I have written an earlier article regarding the destruction of Kofi Annan by US Senator Coleman and others who want to remove our brother Kofi Annan from office. This is part two of my support for Kofi Annan. My brother Kofi, I am always praying for you and "have your back". Kofi Annan, a gentleman and a scholar is the the pride of Ogyakrom, formerly the Gold Coast and the world's best producer of Kente cloth.

I always pick up a copy of the free Metro newspaper to read on my way to work every morning in order to acquaint myself with what is going on in my neck of the wood and the rest of the world. This time, I did not as I was ill with the flu. A passenger sitting next to me happened to be reading the Metro and my eyes immediately caught the heading; "Annan says 'Hell no' to resigning" on page 3. I then decided to get a copy to read for myself. I was very excited that our brother had assumed courage and had become "street smart" on attacks to get rid of him.

The story reported that in New York investigators investigating the UN. Oil for food program reported that our brother Annan didn't "interfere" in the awarding of a contract to a Swiss firm; Cotecna Inspection SA which employed his son, Kojo Annan. Kojo Annan has defended himself that he had done nothing illegal. Kofi was criticized for not doing anything thereby creating a conflict of interest. What do they mean by not interfering? If Kojo Annan qualifies for the job; what is the interference from his father.

Besides he was not the one who employed his son. During a press conference, the Secretary General was asked whether he would resign and he responded defiantly; "Hell no" and I add "No Way Jose" he is not resigning. Why should he, what did he do horribly and deserves resignation?

When Bush employed her daughters in his campaign during the election, what was the conflict of interest involved? They were qualified and had some skills to help their father.

Even though I support our brother, I have not met him personally and I am dying for a historical interview "mano mano". I am still working on it. We are not going to sit and watch our brother disgraced. Kofi was great to be defiant and gave that response. If our brother caves in to pressure and resigns, it would leave a bad legacy. His reputation would be tarnished especially being a black man. Something he would live with for the rest of his life. I say this because when some in the US media are making a reference to him, they will use the word, the "disgraced", the phrase; the former UN Secretary who resigned ......", nothing good would be associated with him. Former President Clinton still pays for the Monica Lewinksy Saga and Former President Nixon also gets the same horrible treatment even though he is a blessed memory.

The fact of the matter is being a Ghanaian, anything bad would be associated with his home country and that would be a disgrace for all Ghanaians. Some of us are Americans and at the same time Ghanaians so we have a right to defend Kofi Annan on American soil with no fear. On that occasion, he proved that he could be fierce at times and that is what sometimes people have to be when it is necessary.

He is a gentleman but my experiences in America shows that when you are a black man or woman, very nice and likeable person, you are sometimes perceived as nice and people take advantage of your calmness and gentleness.

But when you come off with a different personality, they give more respect and that is what I called "Street smart". I have never read or heard our brother using such expression and that shows he is tired of his opponents who want to crucify him or would go all out to remove him from office. He wants to send a message that he has done nothing wrong and he has the courage to continue the tasks ahead of him. Even if some mistakes were made, why shouldn't he be made responsible for his actions and continue his work?

Senator Coleman and his group who want Kofi Annan to resign must be swallowing Kofi's bitter pill. They should find something better to do and do what is best for America, the land of opportunities for all. Kofi is here to serve his term honorably and it would be an outrage and cowardice for him to resign as the world is watching. He can look at the errors already occurred at the UN and continue to make a change thereby leaving a great legacy.

He should learn from our Kwahu brothers and sisters with the slogan; "Asaase Aban yente gyae". Why should he give up for some nincompoops who are against whatever he stands for.

Kofi Annan has made history as the only Ghanaian to hold that post and it is unprecedented. He has paid his dues and deserves recognition and unflinching support and honour. Good job my brother for being defiant and say "Hell no" because "No way Jose" you are not moving an inch.

We "no go sit down make them destroy him everyday no oh".

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