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World Parables and when Internal Conflicts Warrant External Interventions?

World Parables and when Internal Conflicts Warrant External Interventions?
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Let's start with a joke, claim, or fact; then move on to the verifiable edutaining facts, and finally seal it with edutainment that should not be abused. A largely smart friend of mine claims the 'self scored goal by Ukraine is a parable'. Essentially saying Ukraine is on a self hurting route, to change route? World Cup qualifying rounds in football is vital, but the countries that failed worse than Ukraine committed suicide or were murdered? The gender World wars in and from the West are also interpreted as parables in and beyond social media, especially the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp verdict.

Some Politicians are also claiming winning in Ukraine is a parable or will determine the future of Europe, democracy, and others? Well, parables can be rightly or wrongly interpreted, measuredly or exaggerated in fear. It starts with God and it will end through him. When two people marry in the name of God, the term 'private or internal matter' becomes very questionable , society may have to intervene at times. They need society not just over conflicts, so the when, how, and why local society should get in to homes; state to local, state(s) to state, God/Angels to state(s) is worth thinking about.

Once the human being understands s/He is as sovereign as the state, s/He won't hesitate to call upon God even against his or her own state. Will God respond depends on many factors, including how innocent was the person from mindset, deeds, and process. If the 'guilty' calls upon God, the innocent victim or potential victim may still Triumph, but the guilty may learn and potentially triumph lot more after. Most people will call upon people, usually the state, before God. The state literally becomes false 'God' or the bridge, and this is why it is vital to challenge laws you deem wrong, beyond the ones that directly affect you. If you care, it adds to how fast God intervenes and that is often helpful. You are tested with not just local humans, but with your state and other foreign states on character.

Sovereignty exists with limitations, otherwise God will Hard rescue you with better angels or worse Devils depending on your personal than collective destiny. A state that abuses its people calls for the intervening help of other states/God, but 'how' is the puzzling question. Do you just educate the people to self liberate, do you arm them with cameras or what, do you confront the culprits in what ways?

Name Parables or Edutainment: There is a man or men called George Bush, but why the name Bush? They like bushes, hunting animals in bushes, or will be sent to a Bushy hairy man called Saddam, to 'sad[den] &dam[n]' him and how many enablers from both sides? He has co-saddened many Iraqis, his crime or alleged crime is cruelty and may be some lying? So a liar (karma) within his camp becomes a trusted liar in u.s and at a dangerous when (time)? 9/11 has occurred, they said take sides; me too movement occurred, they said take sides; Ukraine war comes, they said take sides, etc.

Myself and how many people said facts and evidence matter, we are witnesses with limited knowledge and not official jurors. Both of you may be varyingly guilty like Heard and Depp, unwilling to fully repent? Bring out the Evidence and we will judge our best and let God re-judge , where need be. Oops! It is supposed to be more name parables: There is a woman called Amber Heard, whose name comes with parables? Amber means yellow or caution to those who drive at lights; Heard is English, from hear, so Cautionary Heard?

The world heard Heard, acted or reacted; then second trumpet cause what reactions? Washington was a questionable president (who), Washington is a questionable place(where), Washington Post is a questionable newspaper (what +who+how) that ran the questionable Opinion of Cautionary Heard, but when, when, when, they were angry and said proceed to punishment, Caution is not necessary against men? Trust and wrongly help Woman over man is the mantra in Washington+, Washington post+, and how many western world countries? I took a tour in their cities and saw more name parables: 'Report a John [and spare a lurer]'? Or may be it means, Report the 'Johny Depps', the baptised or Baptising Johns, and respite the lurers, luring the companies and people obsessed with punishment, against men? Johnny is an explicit parable for men in the secular world, but the Koran (Recitation) claims a child was once named a John, 'a name we have given to none before'. Wow! God or Angels give first name for people to follow or all names?

Who inspired the name Amber, what or who inspired her article versus mine? By the cruel desires of a woman and after a dancing child, John The Baptist was murdered! By a man! Hiding behind 'promise'? Depp is another parable? Change the first P to E and it becomes 'deep', a man who cuts deep? Change the second P to T and it becomes dept or dept[h]; then the changes ET means Entertainment Tonight, from the entertainment world of Holywood and Edutaining world of Marijuana? Well, Washington hates marijuana and adores Holywood, but we can be happier than Rich Heard and Depp, avoid drugs , what each is guilty of, and still learn from both? I do not admire many actions of Johnny Depp, but his reaction to a bad system through a questionable woman is partly inspiring and may God help him and us lot more.

John or Peny is reactory by nature, calm until provoked, then erect for good reaction or bad over reaction? Buy cameras, delay release to gauge trust, and even the extreme matriarchal west may bow or just a woman and how many women+ learn caution is vital than Heard and Heard? Let the system and whoever wills repent, or let the guilty suffer, be they man or woman, not just one gender. Where they refuse to give us our dues, sue them to God of man, woman, parables, and beyond.

Ukraine was burning and burning hotter. How many years should the people of Donbas waited as 'internal conflict', before the west, Russia, and/or God intervenes? I sincerely appreciated the timely international help of the world to the Gambia in 2016 post elections drama, but still think we were under helped from the Negligent Jawara to the brutalities of Jammeh, and their supporters. Then or these times , donating cameras may mean more than rice donations and road fundings, or shift percentages from such? Victims are hardly totally innocent, not Amber Heard, Depp, Ukraine, Gambia, black America, etc. It is not to justify their suffering, but a honest look through the lens of marijuana cameras than media cameras and government guns.

If only Ukraine fought against corruption vigorously like they Resist Russia, then a president may build/order one billion+ cameras within a month in office. An internal solution is often preferred and you can have free countless police on sins between creatures, but avoid over policing personal sins. A Godly state must respect personal rights , absolutely or with minimal symbolic laws, and I cannot see even one Godly state on earth? They under value both Truth and Patience. A billion or xyz cameras will not have only helped fight corruption in Ukraine, but imagine what it would have done to guilty or questionable Russians? It may deter some countries than Nuclear weapons deter. Or at least motivate humans to intervene after rape videos?

Just like men can wrongly react to a questionable woman, states can wrongly react to a questionable state. It's terrible escalation to deny Russian foreign minister airspace, from secular to religious perspective. Although Russia's geographical position cannot deny airspace to many, but international waters and international airspace for civilians came lot later than the verse that says: 'And We have spread the earth for creatures with spirits', in ch.55. Why would you want to over pressure Putin or make negotiation harder? Weapons testing as the Pope Suggests or to prolong war as Putin claims? Extreme fighting is wrong and that is precisely what u.s did to marijuana users than Russia and any country. I am saddened that Russians are not yet strongly demanding full legalisation , because I would have rather visit Russia in the summer than u.s. May be I will meet Snowden, whose name is another parable?

Both snow and den are English words. Or may be I will learn if Russians have less sexual problems than u.s and how they deal with accused men? Or best, may be I can convince Putin to help us with cameras throughout Africa, we will prefer that to fight corruption and start working harder for hemp seeds than wheat? Please do not seize my coming 'yacht' or anyone's based on mere suspicion or talking to Putin. I am by no means afraid of telling Putin that he is extremely wrong in making a law that forbids people calling killings between nations a war, or to re-legalise cannabis. He may claim it is symbolic as thousands said it without penalties, so the hundreds arrested are to scare cowards, and cowards may not deserve God's rescue until they read and respect 'do not fear no one'.

HOW can some atheists/polytheists respect this Godly order than many so called Muslims+? Many American men used to go to Russia for humble women, but system can corrupt or adjust people, especially women. Face the system, don't hide and import. The system is much more guilty than Amber Heard and deserves more humiliation and change. Give every teenager body cameras as gift and discount for adults. You brought them into this world and allow others to threaten and harm them? Reward the teenagers who report on time than the angry, disappointed, and cowardly adulterous women after Bill Cosby and others? If s/He can be so reckless against the children, claiming she just wanted time in a hotel room, then tell her buy or rent cameras. Let God judge two guilty people with his cameras proportionately, but let society not gamble hurting an innocent person over the claims of a probable home wrecker and then may proceed to gamble or wreck a weak society? Peace and blessings to the women like Aaliyah, who sang 'a wrecker cane'?

A Prostitute, especially illegal one, is a low server only when God works over time; otherwise she is a person to person wrecker that may be called victim by Adulterous Jada Smith and CNN types, then they focus on the ten or xyz percent that were forced into it because many politicians and Adulterous Bill Clinton claimed 'we make it illegal to protect women'? I partially disagree, you make it illegal to protect the bad to worst women, and harm weak and unfortunate men. Worse than the person to person wreckers is the home to home and society to society wreckers. May God bless Showlove Trinity: Let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer

Twitter: [email protected]


Putin putting it in, put it in gently, but hard enough to get the 'sweetest cry', the clitoris belongs to God as gift beyond her. Good girls love it, bad girls go greedy and arrogant like LGBTQ. I rather take laughing and smiling any day. Blessed are the girls who smile that a bad system against innocent men should fall and we will still pursue the guilty men and women with cameras much more smarter than the Teenager who used her phone to record a groping man in an Aeroplane. A bad judge under reward her; bad press,bad people, and bad government refuse to celebrate her, because they are crying a bad woman is caught? They cry more than we celebrate?

Some liars claim one case that caught a lying and cruel woman, plus bad companies will scare potential victims from having body cameras to have better evidence than Johnny Depp? Try multiple suing of guilty media houses, work denying companies based on unverified claims, and even ordinary people who echo recklessly and blindly. Sue them, at least to God. Did you know that cars in Russia have more cameras than u.s cars, percentage-wise? Should Russia or China donate cameras to u.s students, to gauge how late police response to shot students versus disarmed marijuana users?

We prefer cameras over guns, but cameras may free innocent men and that is sad news to sexists, it may free blacks or nail more racists who prefer guns. We know Putin is yet to get half the pressure we gave u.s to legalise marijuana , but some u.s states are still worse than Russia on cannabis. If the LGBTQ basketball star was openly calling for marijuana legalisation than LGBTQ, then we would have supported her. Until then, free the heterosexuals Ghanian and Canadian marijuana folks in and beyond Russia before any u.s citizen, except the activists for worldwide marijuana legalisation. Please list how many foreigners are in Russian custody for cannabis, and why s/he gets more sympathy? Males don't get sympathy from the evil media and western world. It is not due to her LGBTQ, but her citizenship, race, and status demanded gratitude before caught. 'I cannot fight for the more oppressed poor due to my status, but fight for me due to my status'?

The u.s misled the world, including Russia, but that is no excuse to wait for them to repent. If the Russian girls play hard to get or satisfy, then consider marijuana. His name is Putin, a parable to put it in hard against the greedy and arrogant westerners? This should be the end of money and women+ worshipping , but the beginning and upping of respecting nature, men, women, money, and other blessings. Please try to end the war in Ukraine, but more important is ending the war against marijuana users around the world and stop hunting the truthful like Assange, Snowden, and others.

The world attacked us long before Ukraine+ soften on marijuana . The u.s is the vivid criminal and Russia is indeed a lesser degree criminal based on the little we know, but God may know more. Our jokes are educative than the comedian president who abandoned even educative comedy? President Reagan Mocked Russia in fear, but bombed Libya in arrogance... Well, war is hard, so I cannot blame him. Did I cry when they caught guilty men on less than camera and audio, or did the girls who accuse us believe we should ignore the evidence to satisfy a claim? God's curse be upon those who hate or want to gamble men, be they creatures, companies, or states. We are calling for intervention, divine intervention! We don't mind punishing guilty men, as evident in our calling for culture of cameras, which reduces fear from girls, but tests their greed and arrogance versus men. We will tolerate and urge learning.

There are countless good and bad Muhammeds, Jesuses, and any name, so please never think anyone named Amber is dangerous or every Johnny is brave to confront a bad girl within a bad system. Similarly, we admit there are millions of bad men and women, but the deaf cannot hear one part or the two parts, cannot see the percentage to solve through cameras +, so they give excuses like Dummies; and it was written: they are dumb, deaf, and blind to every evident, they worship desires. Guard yourself from the fire we warned the deniers of truth and the cruel ones.

Even some of the disbelievers in China are better than the hypocrites in u.s and Africa+? When the Koran says, He is the God of the two East and two west, they debate places (where), good and bad in upper and lower East and west? Or marijuana says it may mean 'who': the bad man and bad woman in the east, the good woman and good man in the west are under his cameras. It may also mean 'how' or character: those who lean on truth and higher truth, kindness and higher kindness. No need to run from places where God is present to co-help, but learn and fight for good beyond your home or never deserve outside help?

He is the Lord of the universe, so let the Angels in other planets come down to help mentally or even physically, if need be. Never be afraid to speak Truth, but some fear to even share? Or may be greed or arrogance is holding some back? Learn and share for your own good. Ch.55 :'Can the reward of good be anything but good? Peace and blessings be upon the believers and truthful bearers in every corner of the earth and beyond. And Praises be to the Lord of the universe!

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