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Ghana only has managers, not leaders – Abraham Lamptey

Ghana only has managers, not leaders – Abraham Lamptey
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Founder and leader of the Believers’ House of Worship International, Rev Abraham Lamptey has said Ghana only has managers and not leaders.

Rev Abraham Lamptey was speaking on the Accra Chat segment on Accra100.5M’s Nkran Kwanso.

According to the preacher, the country has no direction as of now, so residents and citizens find themselves doing as they please.

He told show host Doctor Kay that: “It is very very sensitive, it doesn’t matter how intelligent everybody is in a group, you still need a leader. Now when you are not being led, everybody will do what they like and that creates an environment of a mess. So if you look, you’ll see there’s a mess everywhere.”

The preacher, however, blamed the lack of leadership on the country’s universities.

“We don’t have anything telling us where we’re going. Very dangerous. When you introduce the wrong person, to the generation by your position, the person you have introduced, maybe accepted by the generation but not approved by God.

“Since it is not God who ordained him, he doesn’t have the backing of God. We have managers, we don’t have leaders. That is what our universities are producing. That’s what we have.”

He continued that: “Truth is one. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, no one is perfect but when you say to yourself this is what I’m doing, when you tell me this is what you want to do, please do it. The gospel is true, God’s word is true so it’s quite serious.

“When you go to town everyone is doing what they like, when you come to church everyone is doing what they like. Our brothers, Muslims, after praying, when he steps out, everyone is doing what they like. So if you want to know the state of affairs, look at your state of your affairs. The book of Proverbs will tell you, when the righteous prosper, the city rejoices and when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy. So when the people are not shouting for joy, the wicked is not perishing.”


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