13.05.2022 Editorial

Let's serve so that we can reach our destiny

By Thandisizwe Mgudlwa
Let's serve so that we can reach our destiny
13.05.2022 LISTEN

You don’t need anybody’s approval and permission to achieve greatness and prosperity in life.

In Africa and elsewhere in the world, the so-called 'underdogs' perform miracles daily be it in business, innovation or the creative sector.

Most commercial media in Africa is filled with these moving stories of people who come from humble beginnings and have gone on to beat the odds in building empires that are impacting millions of people positively.

At least 400 businesses in Africa make a $1Billion or more in our great continent.

That should inspire the rest of us to dig deep some more. We can start small by creating businesses that can uplift society through Co-operatives in cleaning or providing security services.

Or I see there's a new business model, where businesses can pay you for bringing more customers to them. In fact I've done a bit of this before and would be looking to go deeper into it myself.

To be truly happy and liberated in this life, you have to own your life and forget about what the rest of the world thinks or says about you.

Your life is not a mistake. You have a lot more to offer the world in making it a better place.

Your creation was no mistake but a Blessing from Higher Powers.

Don’t waste it by failing to add value to the world and by making life better through living a life of service.

Don’t be stuck in your past mistakes, failures and losses because these are really stepping stones to higher accomplishments, states and places in this wonderful gift called life.

Your mistakes, failures and losses are magically meant to be your motivator, inspiration and drive to do better and be more.

Life gives you what you give it!

As the "Golden Rule” puts it: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

What matters is that you must constantly strive to be better everyday. You must strive to think good; do good and be good to others and be at what you do at all times.

What this means is that the way you live your life must not become less of what you are capable of doing.

But become more of what is inside of you and what God has Created you to be and do. This is best done through SERVING others well.

When you are on the right track in life through SERVING, you will achieve and accomplish more and realize your full potential. Your life must be based on this.

Your life must be based on SERVING.

You have a lot more to offer the world in making it a better place.

Start where you are with what you have.

You'll be blown away at how much you can do in a day or in a week.

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