16.09.2003 Sports News

Editorial: Who is this?

By Graphic Sports
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Last week, followers of Ghana football found themselves somewhat in a state of confusion following some developments in sections of the media. The confusion was engenered by a barefaced lobying for the GFA chairmanship post that has not been declared vacant,anyway.

We followed with interest discussions on an Accra FM station in which an apparent aspirant of the GFA chairmanship job sought to project himself as the person this country needs to bring its football back on track.

There is nothing wrong with any Ghanaian putting himself at the service of the country, with the noble intention of restoring Ghana football to its position of eminence.

However, it is imperative that we critically assess such persons,especially where they are coming from.

It is particularly important that we are not taken in by such glib self-opinionated football administrators. We should look far beyond the suavity of such people.

We haven't forgotten how in the immediate past such persons damned everybody associated with sports in this country,including the vice-President of this country and the former Youth and Sports Minister, as people who had nothing to offer Ghana Sports.

We haven't also forgotten the culture of violence introduced into this country's football when such men got into club administration not too long ago. True, this country may be in nedd of new direction in its football,not to talk of good sponsorship needed for sustenance of the game.

However, we owe it a duty to the future of this country's football not to make the mistake of placing Ghana football in the hands of people who have an aversion for probity and accountability.

In all probability, the coming days will witness the intensification of the lobying campaign on the airwaves,in the print media,in political circles and in the corridors of the Ministry of Education.Youth and Sports.

We have to be wary of such self seekers.

It is our hope that the sector Minister and his team of able deputies will resist all kinds of subtle attempts through lobbying in the media to hand over the administration of Ghana football to people who may sound like angels. We should avoid committing a mistake we will forever rue.

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