29.06.2003 Feature Article

Where Is The Truth?

Where Is The Truth?
29.06.2003 LISTEN

"Anyone with half a logical mind, when he puts together the cataclysmic events of the past few years will see that, this world is at a historic threshold". These were the words of Lewis Mumford and every event around the world really proves that he is right. Africa has been exploited for so long both by its leaders and external forces and this we all thought would change someday but will this dream ever come into reality? I leave it for you to answer. On the birth of independence, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah declared to the world that, "the blackman is afterall capable of managing his own affairs"

Dr Kwame Nkrumah had no doubts whatsover that we could develop and strengthen our manufacturing base and this led to the construction of several businesses in the country at the time and he never gave the imperialsits any room to operate. Every one who is objective will bear with me that, he is the most successful leader in the history of Ghana as he really stabilised the economy and reduced our over reliance on external sources. He was feared by most leaders at the time due to his foresight and accurate innovations at the time. He made some leaders look like sluggards and he drove the Ghanaian Businesses right through the product life cycle and Oh! what a good innovator this man was?

He will forever be remembered as a hero and it is just unfortunate that our current leaders are giving the IMF so much room to operate. They manipulate our economies to our own detriment and it is no surprise to me that, the government is now regretting for joining the HIPC initiative. The IMF is a monster that only looks for deadly ways of making our people suffer and it is unfortunate that we still see them as our saviour. "It is time we are neglected a bit because the more neglected we are, the better for Africa"as Yoweri Museveni said. It is now time for our leaders to see that the only way forward is to stop succumbing to these imperialists and stop this numerous divestiture implementation as too much of everything can be very disastrous.

The economists and Finance gurus will have to face realities and admit the fact that, the macro-economic factors aren't as favourable as they've always made us believe it is. There are so many things that need to be put in place to curb the high inflation rate and what have you. Why can't they sit down and carry out a thorough project appraisal on all the projects that they have for us. Are businesses that, they are financing going to be viable and yield early PBP for the benefit of all? Please let us stop throwing dust into the eyes of the populace as truth crushed to earth will always rise again.

The tourist industry is an area we can explore and this will generate enough foreign exchange to finance projects instead of relying on the devilish IMF. Libya has made it despite all the embargo's and the key to this is neglect. Education is the key to a nation's development and thus we need to prioritise this instead of allowing these imperialists to destroy it for their own benefit.As Malcolm X said,"education is our passport to the future and tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today". It is just unfortunate that we are still lying in the gutter of practical life despite all the intellectual capability that we have.

So many intellectuals of African descent are prepared to come home on condition that, they will be allowed the room to operate and make some money for the continent so why don't we increase the confidence they have in our governments by setting up good example and coming up with good policies instead of allowing the IMF to dictate for us. Hey! President Kuffour, I thought you hated imperialism and hated the fact that the IMF is making life difficult for your people but how come you are eventually becoming their friend?

Have you so soon forgotten your promise to Ghanaians? Infact, all politicians are the same and the politician is just there to make us believe that he is the only person that can save us from the doldrums but once they get the power, ther forget about us and put their interest first. It is not strange that even Kwame Nkrumah came out to say that" seek first the political kingdom and all will be added to it". How long do we have to pay for the mistakes of our leaders at all? Maybe we can do ourselves a lot of good if we cut our coat according to our size as we seem to be biting more than we can chew.

Why should we give our Parliamentarians a $20,000 loan when their salaries are just below £200 a month and how on earth will they back this loan? Isn't it the poor taxpayer who will have to pay this at the long run and what about the highly expensive mercedes benz that was bought for the Speaker of Parliament? Why can't we sacrifice a bit as you accepted to serve the people right from the day that you were all sworn into office. My only advice to the current Preisdent is for him to be wise and keep his promises and keep focus as danger lies ahead for Ghanaians and him for that matter unless he begins to see the realities on the ground.

Wonders, will infact never end in our homeland. Nobody can get a loan of £20,000 in the western world when he/she gets £2400 pounds per annum but how come Mr Kuffour have forgotten the fact that, he schooled and lived in the U.K and that this is just abnormal? Only time will tell but we all need to remember that, rome wasn't built in a day and thus we shouldn't promise what we can't do within a limited time. Panafest should be used to addres these issues as it is more serious than we see it. Countries like Argentina and Brazil are in a mess because of the evil one, the IMF so please let us watch out. Julian Adomako-Gyimah M.InstBA Great Britain Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.