Are Journalists destroying your health and denying you financial opportunities?

Feature Article Are Journalists destroying your health and denying you financial opportunities?
SEP 27, 2021 LISTEN

Ohhh, nooo, Journalists are my friends, but even my friends are not above truth, questioning, and suggestions. The honest answer to the question is Journalists, beyond Africa, are contributing to your health problems, by 'refusing' to learn and give you a needed and possible option, but who else is a contributor?

Your very self. Meaning you and the Journalists are partners in crime, but do you even know your crimes and how many are ready to repent and by when?

May be we should reaffirm I have enormous respect for journalism, and some are partly victims where they are partial or full culprits, but I am here to share the solutions, not just highlight a problem. The problem is technology largely comes with advantages and disadvantages, and the internet has raise our reading habits, which is largely good. However too much reading , especially through electronic devices, is primarily destroying your eyes and neck, and secondarily or inadvertently many other body parts.

The solution in one word is balance. Rather than just asking the important question what is too much reading, you should ask how can I distribute how I access information? To be more specific: How and where can you utilize audio to reduce glare for your eyes and neck straining?

You can manage TV time and learn yoga sitting positions while watching TV, but you can significantly reduce reading websites by urging Journalists to have audio options. At least one u.s newspaper have audio option on articles, but over 80% of u.s media houses refuse to learn to help some of their precious readers; similarly at least one African media house, Modern Ghana, have audio option for articles, but over 80 % of African media houses refuse to learn and help their readers? This audio option is not just more healthy, but it can be wisely used to raise our 'consumers' and that means more educated Africans/people to make money indirectly , more customers to make money directly. I will later suggest how to improve the audio option of newspaper websites to attract millions within Africa, and billions around the world, eventually.

Adapting is essential to our growth, but at what speed? Few months ago when I discovered this nice feature, I suggested it to some Gambian media houses, but they fail to act for reasons best known to them. However, I suspect they are waiting for BBC, CNN, Yahoo news, or Ghanian newspaper to have it first, then after how many months or years before they learn the benefits or how easy it is to incorporate it on their websites? Few days ago, God sent me to the only or one of the few Ghanian media house with the feature.

Well, few years ago, I told the u.s, the Gambia, and world to legalize Marijuana for health+, u.s says we will reluctantly surrender and Ghana says similar with hemp. Gambian politicians refused me where Ghanian and u.s politicians partially accepted me, but it seems the journalists of u.s, Ghana, Gambia, and xyz are repeating a pattern on audio embracing, but I will appeal to the journalists and politicians, but report them to the public for pressure.

Raising and diversifying standards in Africa before the west: Blacks and men are known for natural physical advantages, and this does not mean millions of other races or women cannot exercise and enjoy physical blessings. Similarly, blacks and women are known for audio advantages, especially musically, so how can we rally them through audio towards newspapers and books?

Presently, less than five percent of newspaper websites have audio option and only in machine reading and without options. How can we have at least two machine reading options and four or more human readers per article, for one year as research, raising consumers, and shifting a balance for health? Machine reading have many advantages, but human, especially black and female reading, can add a dimension that can attract new news consumers. Again, that does not mean men and other races will not learn and beat millions of the naturally blessed or tested race or gender.

Using star power and money to create new stars: Imagine using Youssou Ndure, Akon, and other top stars to read at least one article per star/day, for at least a month, preferably one year. I do not need to explain how many millions more will visit newspaper websites for that month or year, no matter how poor the reading. Then spice it up with a contest, a hundred thousand dollar or xyz for the best article reader, who can read better than the million views of Youssou, Akon, or xyz? All you need is a phone, listen to the article through the machine and Akon, and try to do better than both. We will award you money, may be hire you, and/or help you get book reading contracts.

Book reading or audio books is a rising industry of mainly whites, and females are not necessarily dominating, because I or many men refuse to cook until money was involved, then the best chefs became men... so these 'cruel' African journalists refuse to tell talented African migrants to try book reading over ocean crossing? As article or book reader, you do not need to physically go to the media house or the west to be hired, working from home and getting paid well? Once you become the best reader in the Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, or xyz, Akon , Youssou Ndure, or xyz will advise you how to tap the opportunities in the book reading industry. Whereas machine reading articles started in the west, multi options human reading articles can start in Africa and help the west too; national and continental musical contests arguably started in the west, but national and international article or non religious book reading contest can start in Africa? How much time and money will the mentioned artists and beyond sacrifice to make it a reality? Or can media houses understand the future opportunities and contribute as investment?

They copy press union awards from the west, but can they humbly learn from the Marijuana guy, who sees beyond their professors? Imagine the spin off effects of such contests and awards beyond students? A new culture of reading will boom from high-schools televised reading competitions, and after graduation national and international competitions. The artists who will help us realize such deserve Nobel peace prize, but not necessarily big contract for a start. Just because someone can sing great does not necessarily mean they can read great; so if the third most popular artist can read better and asking less or nothing, it makes no sense to pursue the top artist through a fortune.

Remember, book reading is time demanding and requires similar but different skills. Meaning the top artists cannot have the time, except kick start time; your present reporters may learn and do a fair job like my present level, but you can tap/create exceptional readers than me and the machines. This means you should cautiously approach the big stars with machine and my article reading examples; they will learn from my black and Marijuana advantage styles and may do it better or close enough, plus their star power to attract millions towards not just consuming, but millions of aspiring professional readers.

Suggestions to artists: I will not advise Youssou, Akon, or any artist to sign or volunteer for one paper. Instead, you can switch daily or weekly and do video only close to the finale. This will lighten your burden and lean on public interest over personal or one business partner's interest. Do not over strive to make it super perfect, just edit big mistakes, allow natural minor mistakes so that the ordinary public without fancy gadgets and editing skills can still feel talented enough to compete. Once we notice the most essential skills are in the trying person, then the media house will train and help where need be. I did my example on my phone, and did not edit them, just added effects on some. So that people can see some mistakes, learn from them or say I can try or do better. Because I think every media house should retain at least two in house readers, we should entice many and choose the best we can improve.

Formal world or government: Suppose enough artists cannot see the public benefit to partner with you, then you may approach your minister of education and culture as example. Sensitize them enough and show them how modern curriculum information should have both video and audio versions, not just print. They can control the classroom, but they should help students who tend to learn best through audio or video.

Video caution for now: Whereas the ultimate contests will be in video, we must remember Televisions give us enough glare, so newspaper options should lean on audio and it is less costly to download, edit behind the scenes, etc. Or put a suggestion on videos, to listen, and look only the text video where the orator is not clear, in a scroll like video/audio.

Book industry in Africa and worldwide: Almost no African publisher offers audio version of their books, that can easily change through our acceptance of new blessings. AFRICAN authors will sell more by adapting and supporting us. Audio books of the west are unnecessarily expensive and presently without edutaining audio options within audio. One book can have five readers and pay them commission. Book TVs will emerge and businesses will sponsor towards sports level, once reading is no longer 'white' or formal, we can diversify and let formal compete with semi formal, informal, and super formal.

Author's voice: This is another option some writers can participate in, but only as an option to compete with others. If you ask 100 young people to name ten best soccer players of the world, they will name all or many of them with relative ease. If you ask them to name top ten selling books or authors, they may struggle to name them even at university level. Mr. Jordan Peterson wrote '12 Rules for Life', and arguably the top author. Was New York Times 'bribed' or just honestly call him, "The most influential public intellectual in the western world right now ". They used the term western world because he sold limited books in Africa and have near zero appearance on African TV and media houses. NO, more honestly, because he is a Canadian who conquered North America, UK, and even Swedish media house are inviting him, despite language differences. African media houses may forward financial excuses on invitations, but coverage can be about instilling interest (development) or following interest (emotions of questionable majority). Your favorite African media house told you about footballers daily and refuse to educate you on best authors and will ignore new ways to create a new industry for African authors and readers? Jordan Peterson is a wealthy professor with decent salary, writing money is bonus money. Still, carefully study why his printed book cost about twelve dollars, but the audio version of the same book is around twenty nine dollars? Did he pay million dollars to an orator and engineers to warrant the price difference? He actually did the reading, at least the example. I consider his reading fairly good with teacher's advantage, not great, and many authors choose orators because they cannot do half the reading job of Peterson -- writing, reading, and singing are all different. Debating how the western publishers may control the prices of audio books to keep poor blacks out will be controversial.

So smarter is to put them to a test. An African president or minister can call Peterson and the other top twenty authors and appeal for a right to make audio books of their books, at our cost and we share the sales through fair commission. I will volunteer to read the twenty books, but I will need strong competition, especially the first year, because we want to attract millions and star power will surely help, mixed with new stars through reading. Explain it will be to research how we can encourage culture of reading through audio and video books, primarily in Africa. Negotiate good terms, and I assure you many Africans, African Americans, and whites will prefer my edutaining reading of that special book over Peterson.

This means the precious knowledge will reach many more Africans, but how else can Peterson benefit? His publishers will likely be your biggest hurdles to convince, but also western governments. Remember we have African writers and who are the top twenty authors in Africa? Soccer is organize, African writing is not just unorganized , but Waiting for the west and years after to learn? The moral story here is hinting on the long term we should start on, but reminding article authors to try reading their articles, but allow others to read and help their thoughts spread further. I discover I was in some aspects a fairly good reader, but that I cannot pronounce some simple words at times. Also I notice errors like using 'steal' where I meant 'still', the audio will pass or I will learn there is slight difference in the pronouncing.

That means what at school level? The editor who received it may or may not catch my mistake that I may blame on a marijuana strain, but was I above such mistakes before Marijuana or are anti Marijuana folks above such mistakes? My point is my sloppiness could have been rectified by reading the article aloud, but an old fashion editor may claim writers are advised that anyway. There is a difference between advice and tactical pressure. For big media houses, consider a raffle for all authors for sending audio, even if we do not use it and more raffle ticket if we use it. This is to tactically pressure authors to read aloud, catch mistakes far beyond grammar, and earn many benefits. Writing is never over, but reading aloud can be 'time consuming' like the cooking example, but once money is introduced, we will create more experts in one form or another.

Technically affordable and simple: Modern Ghana says their name is modern, so they welcome modern tools like audio option and indifferently hope others will contact them or learn somehow ? Unless the Marijuana guy chastise their competitors, late, late, late accepting of good affect even our journalists? I was thrilled to see the feature on modern Ghana 's website, but was shocked that top Ghanian newspapers refuse to learn to offer the feature. They gave a pass or excuse to the Gambians? Then I went to, they did not have it either, they must be waiting for Yahoo? I doubt if modern Ghana will refuse to share and help you have it. Suppose the sellers of the program demand a fortune, try to make your own. It is essentially an app on a website, and even easier is creating audio links next to it for human feeling option.

Temporal personal solution: Even if newspapers mass install the feature by next week, you should install a 'text to audio app for other articles that may come through WhatsApp and others. Help your children too.You can also copy text from yahoo or anywhere to paste on such apps and help your eyes and neck+. You may not understand some pronunciations in the beginning, but with time you will be fine. Like everything, these apps are not equal, search for the one that works best for you.

Research challenge: You can try it personally for a week or month. You can also take hundred people, let a group read 20 to 30 articles a day on yahoo or xyz, measure their short term effects on muscles, eyes, and neck, then imagine the long term. I honestly think we need mandatory laws for news sites to offer audio option or pay extra towards health problems rectifying. We have to help the heavy readers with simple blessings that has enormous benefits and spin offs. Should this Marijuana guy go to prison or be useful and free? May we prosper and help people prosper. May God bless Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An activist and Transformer

Note: media houses can contact me with email to get the audio examples of two articles in about four versions. Inside one version, there can be different styles for your artists and reporters to learn and make better. Couple of them are too long to send by WhatsApp.

Other possible big spin offs: we have countless exclusive or religious leaning televisions, sports leaning, music leaning, etc. Who will in the Marijuana/guiness book of records to start the world's or Africa's first book TV, with edutaining reading? This is not about personal honor, but imagine the impact of transforming the musical world and even other televisions. Some celebrated words of Bob Marley are actually from the book world, either he was a reader or some of his writers. More important is how we can pressure our young musicians towards reading, not just to quote, but to have minds from different minds and they can choose.

If we rightly merge book authors, journalists and best article authors, our musicians... our music world will eventually be better than what Bob Marley, Jay Z and others gave. They will read for media houses to feature them before they rise, they will read when they see awards, they will read to compete future artists who will read in high schools and universities, they will read when they see a top artist reading on TV, etc. Then these televisions that have random inviting of authors, once a month, will evolve towards book hour or day, best article hour discussion; best article of the day, week, or month; best musical reading artist, etc.

The world will read more, audio is just here to complement and pave way for a brighter future. I know every country has a press union, but not sure of authors association, nor of Africa wide union or association... the leaders of press unions can contact their counterparts and consider mass funding towards a book TV that will be on satellite, and have hours for articles from the world, especially Africa. It is OK to suggest to rich folks in your country for partnership, this helps in having a say in the running. Think and embrace the future.

OASN: Last warning and tasks: History has some vital lessons for us as individuals, professionals, races, genders, countries, etc. Giving you examples on all the mentions will be lengthy. Just like a great child will humbly learn, acknowledge the mistakes of parents beyond words, and try to be better in character; similarly, great journalists must understand the test of their times. Journalists did good and bad work then and now. Some of the worst crimes of recent human history were committed with the help of bad journalists, who are sometimes the majority. From slavery, apartheid, marijuana criminalization, Rwandan genocide, etc were legal wrongs that journalists were active criminals, knowingly or unknowingly. Some of you will admit the past, but that is because you may be blind to your present wrongs or too arrogant.

I am warning you to study and take side with the truthful. As the link between government and the people, and the only sub branch of government that is funded by the people voluntarily than indirectly through government (involuntary funding), you should remember public interest, even the atheist among you. There are things we may compromise on, but absolutely no compromise on some issues. When armed with the truth you have lot more power than you imagine and I want to prove it with you. We can sit in Africa and change America and Europe within a week on many issues, and I will use the audio example. Over 90 percent of all African media houses can have this audio feature within a week and then we can all write headlines and editorials that will make ordinary westerners demand change.

The action plan in an emergency or health related issue demand speed and includes 1. Distribute the article to at least 20 newspapers within eight countries, your immediate neighbors 2. Contact at least three websites with the feature. 3. Contact at least programmers, web designers, app builders, etc and show them information, including a text to audio app and ask them to build one for you. Test offline, if it works and not working online, then hire tech security experts, and investigate if western devils are not fighting... All top 3 can and should be started by Monday. At least one country will strike a deal or invent to share or choose Indifference. By sharing enough within three days, we can have it over 90 percent of all newspaper websites. Having the machine reading audio is a must, but we can compromise on having human readers. The rest of the plan will be revealed in due time, but think about the millions you will help and if God will not love and pay you according to efforts?

Coups: Read my article on coup, on and other websites. Again, African journalists can think and change western government standing on coup against third term? Beside countless points I raised in that article, efficiency matters. Sanctions has its power and limits, it is not efficient in some areas. Apartheid is a great example. If the west really wanted to end apartheid, coup or a bounty to assassinate the then defiant south African government. It would have saved lives. Our action plan on coups must include government killings while over staying, ten years or more:

1. Check direct government related deaths and indirect ones, by countries, since 1965.

2. Write strong editorials on how coups can be less deadly, and show how coup against third term can confront the very issues they claim about military governments.

More actions plans will then be revealed, but we must task African history to include shaming media houses who oppose coup against third term in 2021 or beyond. We have to choose truth or we separate, as the days of separation are here. Again, we will convince western people, western media and governments to formally accept coup against third term.

Marijuana legalization: The journalists who fought against marijuana then are for God to judge, but we must say God curse be , proportionately, upon all who oppose Marijuana legalization, especially journalists. Again, because you are the link that largely refuse to extend and expand our facts as individuals, and sometimes still feeding the public government lies. You refuse to study the history of criminalization or even how politicians and up to judges are regretting their part to criminalize marijuana, especially in u.s. Some of you African journalists are pathetically with the mindset that majority can oppress minority through laws, hiding behind culture. This mindset may precisely be the reason why God allowed slavery and other ills, as karma.

I do not have the time to beat on slaves or slavemasters, or the journalists that supported slavery. I rather focus on the wrongs of my time and confront the guilty journalists, guilty governments, and guilty people who hold the position majority can decide if I can use Marijuana or not. Majority of Americans once thought so after they were fed lies by guilty politicians and journalists, then some caring activists educated journalists to understand the need to educate miseducated public, but many African journalists cannot see people can be as wrong as government. Again, we cannot compromise on legalization, especially medical Marijuana. After legalization, feel free to focus on the worse of marijuana users, but the best of us will remain real.

Classified information: The evil of western governments is naked in classifying information and super naked in having the audacity to try truthful folks. Regardless of what you were thought in school, we consider the hunting of Assange, Snowden, etc as the gravest of threats to humanity. The devilish say formal journalists will be exempted from prosecution, for echoing... seems like that is enough a bribe to muzzle New York Times, Washington post, and countless reputable western media houses. Just like these same media houses are blind to see how audio feature can help people and reduce journalists sins, African journalists can have this caring and smart feature as modern Ghana proves, African journalists can think and understand how dangerous it is for jammeh or Barrow to be given the power to classify information, with open check. Biden can classify lies and cruelties, why not Barrow or Sall? We should take the fight to them, not wait till it arrives.

We can teach ordinary Americans, if you think your government have the right to send a drone against jarga kebba Gigo over differences and hide it, then may Corona virus or other God's curse be upon you, the guilty ones. It may sound mean, it will force them to think and confront their governments. Do you think it would have been wrong to imprecate in ways that would have pressured good or fairly good whites to oppose slavery more, with actions? I do not hate the west or America, or journalists, but I am not letting any human dictate my life or be dangerously indifferent to my well-being. Where journalists contribute far more than atom weight, they must pay, especially if they reject spreading naked truth. You cannot be selective with truth, you must believe all truth is largely helpful or minimally risky.

Audio article example can be found on

Read More: Guinea's coup made leaps for Africa and the world, and offers more as opportunities, but some devils see the seeded food as poison?

I have already submitted my human reading audio example to modern Ghana and will gladly submit it to other media houses who may appreciate or understand the prospects more than modern Ghana. Again, if you rate my reading C and adding only dozens, imagine Akon and next better than Akon among hungry Africans, they will learn from me and do it better. We can have millions of better readers, professionally or while aspiring to be professional readers...