Problems Facing Ghana's Educational System And Suggested Remedies To It

By Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large. Kintampo
Article Problems Facing Ghana's Educational System And Suggested Remedies To It

Education being the key to success has failed in the country Ghana. The educational system in the country is on it's lowest knee. This writes up therefore seeks to discuss the problems facing the educational system in Ghana and suggested remedies to curb it.

First, *Inadequate classroom blocks for students*. In Ghana most of the schools especially in the villages do not have enough classroom blocks for teaching and learning. Here lies the case we have most schools under trees, in such areas students do not have the plight to even study due to the inability for them to enjoy this facility as a student. It sometimes hurt me when I see such schools. It sometimes become difficult for students and teachers to even attend class during the rainy season. Some schools in the cities also do have problems such as the overcrowding of students in one class.

I suggest that the government and his educational ministry try their possible best to at least build more schools in the country to reduce the least number of classroom blocks in schools which will also aid students to learn conveniently without any problem.

*Inadequate Supply of Teachers* has also accounted to the problems facing the educational system in Ghana. In most villages they do not have enough teachers. As a result, students do not have the opportunity to offer courses they are interested in most schools do not have teachers for even some of the core subjects. The few teachers available eventually become inefficient in their attempt to help the students by straying to teach subjects they are not knowledgeable in.This clearly amounts to the expression ```Jack-Of-All Trades, Master of none```.

Without a shred of equivocation, I suggest that the government must try his possible best to post more teachers in schools to prevent this problem of one teacher teaching more than One subject even at a goal.

Another problem facing the educational system in Ghana is, *Low wages of salaries of teachers*. This problem has been part of the major problem facing teachers and the educational system in the country as well. Teachers in the country are those that are poor in the country and the question is why? The payment of salaries of teachers at every month has been a major problem. The government always finds it difficult to pay the salaries of teachers. Sometimes their salaries do come at every two-to-three month before they receive a monthly salary. There is nothing like incentives been given to them or motivation. They have this mindset about teachers all in the name of their gift is in heaven. Due to this most students don't go for teaching as a course in the tertiary education which has led to the lack of teacher in most schools.

I am suggesting that the government should do all that he can to pay the salaries of teachers on time and even if there is an increasingment of their wages he should do to motivate and encourage more tertiary students into this profession.

*Lack Of Quality Of Teachers*. The lack quality of teachers is also a problem facing the educational system in Ghana. A school with well-qualified professional graduates who have a good grasp of the subject-matter will produce high achieving students. A teacher must be committed to the course of teaching and ensure that he motivates his students to learn. Here is the problem some teachers are not graduates but due to lack of teachers in the country they have been employed to teach various subjects in most schools, so do not even have the skills to teach.

I suggest that before a teacher can be allowed to teach in every school he or she must be oriented before employed in any educational institution. A school with such graduate teachers will produce superior products.

*Another Problem facing the educational system in Ghana is the lack of facilities for most schools in the country*.

Facilities such library, laboratories, and even the absence of good source of water on campus. The tubs in most schools in the rural areas do not flow as expected. The situation gets worsened during the dry season when the streams near iss dry up. During this period, students cover a distance of about three kilometers before getting water for their basic needs. Consequently, they come to class late and even spend their meagre resources meant for food on medication. Schools without library for research works always finds it difficult to do research and assignments.

Labs for practical work also is a factor, schools do not have labs for science students to practice after thy have been taught the theory of a particular course. After this, they sometimes find it difficult to apply such methods being taught.

I suggest that there must be enough school facilities for schools to enjoy. Especially the labs and the library. And if these are provided students will get more knowledge about everything being taught in the classroom.

Last but not least, is the lack of supervision in most schools. As a result of lack of teachers to supervise and sharpen them, some students take advantage of the situation to misbehave. Some Students smoke cigarette, drink alcoholic beverages and others use the school as a ground to promote teenage pregnancy.

I suggest that teachers must be vigilante on students to be able to supervise students from doing bad deeds.

In addition to the above problems and suggested remedies, education being training, every stakeholder needs to contribute; parents must show concern about the educational life, government or its responsible agencies must provide for academic oriented, problems facing the educational system and curb it.

If all this is in place, things being equal the problems would be able to be solved.


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