22.08.2021 Feature Article

Are The Ghanaian Women Our Sacrificial Lambs Now?

From voice of reason;
Are The Ghanaian Women Our Sacrificial Lambs Now?
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Let's safe our women from their lunatic spouses now!

How many more Ghanaian women need to be murdered in the hands of their lunatic spouses in Ghana before the nation comes to terms with this senseless national disgrace and tragedy ? My inquisitive mind wants to know because our women's lives matter!

These days, a day won't go by without reading or hearing about spouse abuse or more specifically, a wife being murdered by her husband...and almost all of them were in their prime age.

Unfortunately, women and children are the endangered species in the land; where money is the equalizer .Amazingly, those heinous crimes don't occupy the major newspapers' headlines .

When the innocent vibrant Ghanaian women are literally, getting hammered and killed by their spouses ,left and right, on a daily basis, it should be a major news item in Ghana, but as always,;' If -it's-not -completely-broke-don't- fix- it attitude is back again.

Regrettably, I haven't heard any vocal MP making it as a national crusade by fighting on behalf of these women. I am talking about a Parliament House that is filled and controlled by a bunch of chauvinistic men, who think and feel they have an exclusive copyright on intelligence and empathy.

In fact, the Ghanaian children and women are the most vulnerable segment of the society because they're hopeless, hapless and defenseless.

Indeed, the Ghanaian young women are disproportionately marching into their graves senselessly ,in an alarming rate in the hands of their spouses. But, no one gives a damn because human life in Ghana is the most cheapest commodity in town and is on sale at 'donkomi' price.

What a sad way to neglect the source of our human resources!

Stay tuned. And be blessed and educated about the issues of the day.

Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi (voice of reason)

*The author is a social commentator and a die -hard citizen(not a spectator) of this great land.