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Sakawa boys invade mortuaries for dead bodies

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LISTEN APR 29, 2021
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Henceforth, there will be tight security for dead bodies being preserved in the various public mortuaries in the Ashanti Region.

This bizarre news follows a directive from the Ashanti Regional Health Services to all managers of public hospitals to tighten security at morgues.

Reports across the region have it that body parts of some dead bodies being kept in morgues have strangely been missing in recent times, resulting in the directive.

The strong directive was issued in a statement dated Wednesday, April 21, 2021 and signed by the Ashanti Regional Director of Ghana Health Services, Dr. Emmanuel Tinkorang.

The directive in the statement captioned 'RE: Alert on Missing Body Parts of Corpses at Mortuaries' was occasioned from the Director General of Ghana Health Service.

“All facilities heads are urged to ensure security at the mortuary and the entire facility premises to prevent the occurrence of such incidents in the facilities,” the statement said.

The Ashanti Regional Health Service did not however, state those behind the missing body parts of corpses in morgues in the written directive.

The Health Service only expressed concern about the missing body parts of corpses and urged the managers of the hospitals to improve security at the morgues to stop the menace.

It is being rumoured that perhaps those young men doing rituals, popularly called 'Sakawa boys', were now turning their attention to fresh dead bodies that are being kept in the mortuaries for their unholy activities.

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