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11.01.2021 Regional News

Youth groups root for Ayinga Abagre Yakubu as DCE for Binduri

Youth groups root for Ayinga Abagre Yakubu as DCE for Binduri
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It is with great concern that we the youth activists of the Binduri Constituency put together this epistle to rally support for the retention or promotion of the Binduri District Chief Executive, HON. AYINGA ABAGRE YAKUBU.

Binduri Constituency is constituted by 12 Electoral Areas and 87 Polling stations. The undersigned signatories are drawn from all communities of the district, symbolising a common call for a common course for the common good of the Chiefs and people of Binduri. We are justified by this courtesy following the impeccable work of the current District Chief Executive who has just ended his 4 year mandate.

The success story of Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu in the district is the results we have delivered in the just ended General elections in Binduri which warranted our conviction and enthusiasm to appeal to good conscience and to you Mr. President, in particular, to promote Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu.

This gesture if done on him wouldn't just be an honest honour onto him as an individual but an honest honour onto the chiefs and people of Binduri and its entirety. Also, it would have been an honour to hard work and therefore an encouragement to we the youths of the great New Patriotic Party that the NPP as a party honours hardworking and sacrifices.

Politics, we believe is about numbers. A greater proportion of the numbers culminate in the expected victories onto victories. We believe also that the Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu since his appointment as the District Chief Executive of Binduri has been the fulcrum of political gains in the constituency. This can be attributed to his open door policy he adopted as he welcomed several youth groups in the district.

He was more or less the 'youth's man' and the easygoing personality. His message, as he attended many of the youth's meetings was one of encouragement, motivation and assurance to them to move out to campaign and project the name NANA AKUFO-ADDO and the Parliamentary Candidate, Hon. Abanga Abdulai.

Unlike other Districts, Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu had a great collaboration and cooperation with the Party's candidate to push a common agenda in the interest of the NPP. Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu manifested himself as the grassroots leader who understands his game and thus became a thorn in the flesh of the NDC members in the constituency who for once never thought that they could face such a compelling situation in their comfort zones. His strength and strategy was one of coexistence and socialisation.

Apart from the developments he brought forth in all sectors of the community, he attracted most the NDC youths to join the NPP in his relationship with them as he made them understand the core principles of Binduri tradition. In Binduri, as he often said, we've grown here together, lived together all our lives, farm together all our lives, and ate and drank same food and water together all our lives. He simply identified himself with them and made them believe that with an improved understanding of their traditions, Binduri will never be same.

As a man of the people, he behaved himself well, recogning the fact that Binduri has a very heterogeneous population and Housing and therefore meticulousness was key in promoting peace and unity among the citizens. In this respect, he managed to bring the different ethnic communities and everybody under one roof through the spirit of oneness and common purpose.

This he did immediately he assumed office as District Chief Executive. Following from this, he was able to dissolve many party factions within his party the NPP and this enabled him and the party's candidate to focus more on membership driven agenda. Research has shown that in today's Upper East Region, the members of NPP in Binduri constituency can pride themselves in being the constituency without divisions nor infighting in the runner up to the general elections.

Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu is a political strategist and an astute political organizer. This learns credence to his footsoldierism and experience as a former Constituency Chairman of the party. As a precondition to delivering the expected results of the just ended election, Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu commissioned a research team with the simple but complex task of whether or not H.E. Nana Akufo-Addo and the Parliamentary Candidate will win in the December 7 polls in the district.

Following the outcome of the research report, he immediately launched his campaign early enough to target areas he assumed as weak spots for the NPP and this actually yielded the desired results as the voting patterns manifested an increment. Hon. Ayinga Abagre's major strength as alluded to earlier is his ability to relate with the people, in particular the opinion leaders, Chiefs and elders of the various communities across the district. He made routine trips to these leaders and marketed to them government's efforts in developing the district.

We are proud young men and women of the Binduri state and very much optimistic about the leadership prowess of the Honourable District Chief Executive, Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu. Politics it is thought to be, is all about development and decisiveness in the lives of people.

This Honourable man that we support today has shown his love and enthusiasm for progressive society and as tomorrow's people we find a consolation in him and feel the edge to let the President know that if all other people in the Upper East Region have failed him, the chiefs and people of Binduri, because of the hard work of Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu, have not let him down. Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu has done a great job in the area of our roads, education, health, agriculture, water and sanitation, security, local economic development and energy, and many more, all in fulfillment of central government policies. Evidence of many of these developmental projects are listed below:


Tared 5 kilometer road from Avondago to Aniisi Primary School with Bitumen.

✓ Completed the Bumbuug bridge on the Bazua-Zaago-Binduri road.

✓ The Bumbuug bridge on the Azumsapeliga-Sakpare road. Ongoing.

✓ The bridge on the Gotesaliga-Kpukparigu river. Ongoing.

✓ The rehabilitation of the Tambiigu-Agumsi road. Ongoing.

✓ Numerous feeder roads constructed across the District.


  • Completed an ultra modern 6 unit classroom block with headteacher office, Staff common room, 4 seater toilet facility and a urinary at Koulumvai Primary School.
  • Roofed An ultra modern 6 unit classroom block with headteacher office, Staff common room, 4 seater toilet facility and a urinary at Poyameri Primary School.
  • Completed An ultra modern 6 unit classroom block with headteacher office, Staff common room, 4 seater toilet facility and a urinary at Tinorgo Primary School.
  • Completed An ultra modern 3 unit classroom block with headteacher office, Staff common room and a urinary at Kpalugu Primary School.
  • Completed and Roofed An ultra modern 6 unit classroom block with headteacher office, Staff common room and a urinary at Atuba Primary School.
  • An Ongoing ultra modern 6 unit classroom block with headteacher office, Staff common room and a urinary at St. Peter's Primary School, Binduri Central.
  • Renovated of 2 unit classroom block at Tempielem Primary School.
  • Renovated of 3 unit classroom block at Bazua R/C Primary School.
  • Re-roofing of eight (8) storm affected schools within the District. Schools like, Bulugu Primary School, Widnaba Primary School etc.
  • 200 mono desks supplied to basic schools across the District.
  • 550 dual desks supplied to basic schools across the District.
  • 30 dining hall benches and 15 tables supplied to the Binduri Community Day SHS.
  • Science laboratory equipment worth Gh¢ 23, 670 were supplied to the Binduri Community Day SHS.
  • Ghana Education Service limited recruitment; 61 Binduri youth has been recruited as teachers.


  • Completed and Roofed An ultra modern disability friendly health center with auxillary facilities at Atuba.
  • An ongoing ultra modern CHPS compound at Polsiega.
  • An ongoing ultra modern health facility at Narango
  • Completed of the maternity block at the Binduri health center.
  • A disability friendly Health facility at Gumyoko.lintel level.
  • A disability friendly Health facility at Manga.


  • Completed The District Police Station at Avondago market square.
  • Completed The Community Police Post at Atuba market square.
  • Community Police Personnel; 46 Binduri youth were recruited.


  • Construction of 1 village 1 dam in the following communities:
  • Nayoko No. 1
  • Boko
  • Atuba
  • Aniisi
  • Dulnatinga
  • Narango
  • Agumsi
  • Poyameri
  • Zawse
  • Bansi

  • Rehabilitation of Dams in the following communities:
  • Gumyoko
  • Kumpalgaoga
  • Binduri Central.

  • 21,000 cashew seedlings supplied to farmers across the District.
  • 7 and half hectares of land to be use for cashew plantation in Bansi.
  • 61 people will be employed to be working 6 hours per day on the field and will be paid Gh¢12 per day as well.
  • Forestry Plantation Program; 50 people have been employed under this program in the Binduri District.


  • 100 hand pump boreholes constructed across the District.
  • 10 merchanise boreholes constructed across the District.
  • The merchanise water system at Atuba market square.
  • 10 seater water closet toilet facility at Bazua market.
  • 10 seater water closet toilet facility at Atuba market.
  • 10 seater water closet toilet facility at Allelo market (Boko).
  • 10 seater water closet toilet facility at 44 market (Zawse).
  • 10 seater water closet toilet facility at the Binduri health center.
  • 10 seater water closet toilet facility at Binduri community day SHS.
  • Renovation of 12 seater toilet facility at Atuba market square.
  • Renovation of 12 seater toilet facility at Bazua market square.
  • Ghana Zoomlion Agency; 117 people were recruited into Zoomlion to help keep our public places tidy.


  • 10 market stores Binduri Central market. lintel level
  • 10 market stores at 44 market. lintel level
  • Completion of 20 market stores at Bazua market.

The following communities have been connected to the national grid:

  • Boko
  • Nayoko No.1
  • Nayoko No.2
  • Binduri-Mossi
  • Binduri-Zuulugu
  • Binduri-Saarabogo
  • Binduri-Bankango
  • Ninsako
  • Belnatinga
  • Zaago No 1
  • Tansia
  • Kaad-Kudugu

  • Wiring is ongoing in the following communities and will soon be connected to the national grid:
  • Bansi
  • Gumyoko
  • Apurunzua
  • Kumpalgaoga
  • Bakanga
  • Yarigungu
  • Kpagoga
  • Kpatarugu
  • Polsiega
  • Tinorgo
  • Kukparigu

In view of the above mentioned details of development projects embarked upon by the Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu, we are convinced that he deserve a commendation and for that matter a promotion for good work done. The ultimate objective from day one of his induction into office since 2017 was to deliver the seat to the NPP and increase the popular votes in favor of the NPP in the district and he has achieved that in distinction. We are also of the conviction that such a gesture extended to Hon. Ayinga Abagre Yakubu will mean a promotion to do more for the people of Binduri. We therefore append our signatures to this statement as a support and a clarion call to you Mr. President to consider this hardworking individual for promotion as an honor that you respect hard work and sacrifice.

Long live Ghana

Long live Binduri

Long live NPP

Development in Freedom

God bless us all

Thank you.


1. Aguri Albert Atubiga Ambitious

2. Araago Andy

3. Hudu Anabiga lssifu

4. Fudu Anabiga Issifu -0247826750

5. Akuka Ndaag Christopher -0248339441

6. Abanga Ramatu -0249393659

7. Alhassan Bukari -0235282127

8. Ndezure Peter -0249604043

9. Awini Eric -0546134684

10. Mbilla Kwesi -0241730426

11. Adamu Fuseini -0248961556

12. Azure Thomas -0245653663

13. Aduuri Paulina -0547242358

14. Azam-zar Solomon -0243652439

15. Atibilla Awini -0249884096

16. Aganda Fuseini -0241849840

17. Ayumah Musah Mahamud -0240616098

18. Ayawini Comfort -0554060808

19. Akuub Adams =0245197821

20. Ngoswin Marvin 0244869567

21. Ayebilla Maxwell 0241090310

22. Sule Ali 0248693209

23. Tanimu 0243331446

24. Akubilla Akuka

25. Mbilla Bato

26. Abuut Madela

27.Asaag Maxwell

28. Aduuri Paulina

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