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04.12.2020 Opinion

Elections, vote buying, and community development, an SHS graduate perspective

By Ebenezer Quaye Former President Greater Accra Regional Students Representative Council Zone Two
Elections, vote buying, and community development, an SHS graduate perspective
LISTEN DEC 4, 2020

Elections: an election is a decision-making process by which electorates (voters) choose their fellow citizens to occupy leadership positions.

*Vote Buying*: in its literal sense is a simple economic exchange, where candidates '' Buy '' and citizens(voters) ''Sell '' votes. It can also be seen as the distribution of a material benefit to an individual voter in exchange for support in an election.

*Development* :It is the general improvement in the quality of life of an individual living in a country.

Why do some Ghanaians electorates " sell '' their votes to candidates in an election in Ghana?

The story of a new registered voter, I asked, who will you vote for on December 7th, 2020? And why?
" I will not vote"
Why won't you vote?
" If you know the struggle I went through before I was able to register for the voter's ID like you won't ask me that question, I slept at a registration, mosquitoes bite me, before I was able to register for the voter's ID, so if any candidate wants me to vote for him or her he/she should come and pay me before I will vote for the person.''

And I asked again, So will you demand for development in your community where you live from the Candidate that will give you money or buy your vote? "Yes because it's their responsibility to develop the country" and I asked again, with which money? "that one I don't care" but you have already sold your vote to the same MP or President you are asking for development from right? " Yes"

Where were you expecting him to get the money to buy your vote?
"That one I don't care"
Then don't complain when he or she does not develop your community.
Do not complain when the roads are bad.

Do not complain when the school building is dilapidated.

Do not complain when graduates are not being employed.

Do not complain when there is no Job in the country.

"Why shouldn't I complain?"
Because the politician are now paying the monies that they borrowed to buy your votes.

So until they finish paying their loans that they borrowed to buy your votes;
There will be no money to solve all the social amenities that you lack in your communities and this country in general.

So now they buying your votes with money which cannot cater for your expenses in even 1months and you rejecting their money and demanding development in your community and a better life which one do you want? "Hmmmmmmm,
I want the development "

Power Belongs To The People, Fellow Ghanaians, Vote Wisely, For Your Vote is Your Power. It Is Your Constitutional Right, No One Can Take It From You.
Let's vote in Peace.

*Do not sell your vote, it's not worth it.

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