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Nat’l security personnel's attack on soldier unacceptable’ – Aning

Nat’l security personnel's attack on soldier unacceptable’ – Aning
LISTEN NOV 30, 2020

Security analyst Prof. Kwesi Aning has condemned the public attack and arrest of a military officer by persons believed to be national security officials last Saturday.

In a video gone viral, the military officer is seen being whisked from his car in heavy traffic into another vehicle over his alleged refusal to park aside and give way to the national security operatives who were blowing their siren demanding smooth passage.

According to the Chronicle newspaper, the officer was allegedly assaulted by the National Security Operatives before being taken to the Michel Camp military base.

Commenting on the development, Dr Aning said attacks on serving military officers by national security operatives is becoming repetitive and must be stopped.

“I think we should be looking at first who has the right to masquerade as national security personnel and how the person must behave. This issue has to be dealt with and dealt with quickly because this is intolerable. This attack on the soldier is a national crisis.

“If this is not clamped down right now, I think those who masquerade as national security will be the ones posing more threat than citizens because they think the law is on their side and they’ll be left off the hook. As ordinary citizens, we need to be educated on the law of sirens so that we are not battered even when we are using the roads legitimately,” he said.


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