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28.10.2020 Elections

My APC Government Will Provide Unemployment Benefits—Dr. Hassan Ayariga

My APC Government Will Provide Unemployment Benefits—Dr. Hassan Ayariga
LISTEN OCT 28, 2020

In Ghana, one major critical issue that successive governments have failed to address over the past years has been unemployment.

The rising rate of joblessness raises grave concerns and questions about what Ghanaians have been offered after voting for the current government NPP and the opposition NDC for over 20 years now.

According to the Presidential Candidate of the All People's Congress (APC), Dr. Hassan Ayariga, Ghanaians deserve better and he is ready to provide that through unemployment benefits.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga was addressing traders in Ashaiman as part of his campaign tour of the Greater Accra region.

He said his APC government will compile data on all jobless Ghanaians and give them Unemployment Benefits.

"I was trained in Germany and over there if you don't work, it is the government that will take care of you. I am bringing the same policy to Ghana if you vote for me on 7th December. My APC Government will give you unemployment benefits at the end of every month," Dr. Hassan Ayariga stated.

Dr. Hassan Ayariga and the APC party are on the 7th position on the ballot paper for the December 7th 2020 elections.


All-Inclusive Government

Dr. Ayariga believes that for Ghana to move on we need to have an inclusive governance system which he says is the only way we can have all brains on board. He notes his party does not believe in the winner takes it all kind of politics, describing it as a military regime in disguise.

He indicated “what we need is the best out of the best to manage our affairs not because you voted for me or you voted against me but because you deserve the position to transform our nation. Because you are qualified to do the job because you have the requisite talent and skills to transform our country.”

National Data System

The APC in its promise to Ghanaians will build a national database different from the NIA, to collate the data of every person living in the country, going beyond demographics to income, property, wealth, etc.

This according to Dr Ayariga, will help create a platform for other state agencies to have access to information of citizens and foreigners, including the DVLA, BNI, National Security, etc.

He told “we are unable to give accurate information about our country. We will come with a national data system to capture the details and the information of every Ghanaian and everybody living in Ghana. That data system will capture fingerprints, facial recognition, identity, home address, work address, property, act”

“All other institutions will feed on this data, national security, DVLA, BNI. The NIA is just a document to show that you are holding an ID card, but it does not give the full details.”

He added, “when you have ten houses and the data shows that your income is GHC10,000 and you have a house worth 1 million cedis, we will compare.”

Nationwide Job Centers

On Job Creation, Dr Ayariga said “our students and our citizens find it very difficult to find jobs and as a matter of fact young girls have become victims of rape, misuse, abuse just because they’re looking for jobs. The job centers will be linked with businesses, public sector, private sector so that when you are looking for jobs, vacancies from various institutions will be keyed into the job centers.”








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