23.08.2020 Article

What If I Fall?

By Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarko
What If I Fall?
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Working in a new environment is fun but comes with a cost. What if you don't have accommodation? You may have to lodge with someone for some days or weeks to trim down expenses as you search for permanent accommodation. That was my situation a few years ago.

My host warned me against the neighbours. I was told they were gossips so i should avoid them totally.(Not even greetings was allowed).

I ignored my host and established a good relationship with these neighbours. Fast forward, I collapsed one day on my way out. I would have died if these neighbours had not come to my aid. I regained consciousness on the hospital bed. (My host was nowhere to be found)

This is one essential lesson nature taught me. To live in peace with everyone and walk away when love or loyalty is not reciprocated.

Asɛm no awieyɛ ne sɛ, when people badmouth others to you, be circumspect in your decision making.

For all you know, the calumniator is the real poison lurking around to cause a fatal effect on you. Ma wani na hɔ.

By: Nana Ama Asantewaa Kwarko

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