28.08.2006 Social News

GJA Holds Thanksgiving Service

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The Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), on Sunday held its Annual Media Thanksgiving Service to express gratitude to God for ensuring the growth of the Ghanaian media and making it a vibrant one.

In a sermon, the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr Fred Deegbe asked the media to be guided by a sense of humility in the discharge of its duties.

He noted that every profession fundamentally had a call and media men and women had a primary responsibility of ensuring that they lived according to the tenants of their call.

"You are the prophets and the prophetesses that the people speak through and in dispensing your stories you must be guided by the truthfulness and the code of ethics of the profession so that the people and the entire nation is not led astray", he added.

Mr Ransford Tetteh, President of the GJA, acknowledged that the media needed Gods blessings and empowerment so that members would be reminded that they owed an obligation to the truth and had the responsibility to promote peace, freedom and justice.

He noted that although this was not the first time that the GJA had thanked God publicly, the novelty here was making it an annual event and having it on the Association's premises.

Mr Tetteh indicated that the annual service would commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the Association, thanking God for blessing the Association and ensuring its growth and prayer for his guidance and protection for the executives and media practitioners in the ensuing years. A former GJA President, Gifty Afenyie-Dazie, now a member of the Council of State, offered prayers seeking God's providence for the Association and the nation.

Media personnel, clergymen, Members of Parliament, politicians, as well as well wishers of the GJA graced the service.

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