NDC Accuses EC Of Plotting To Delete Names From New Voters' Register Over High Figures

NDC News NDC Accuses EC Of Plotting To Delete Names From New Voters' Register Over High Figures
AUG 13, 2020 LISTEN

A Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Peter Boamah Otokunor, says his party will resist any plot by the Electoral Commission to arbitrarily remove names from the new voters’ register during adjudication and deduplication processes.

“We will not allow any premature or illegal deletion of names people who have gone through stress to get their names on the register,” he said on Eyewitness News.

Some 16.9 million persons have registered to vote but the Commission expects this figure to drop after the adjudication and deduplication processes.

The Commission also said there are about 800,000 persons on a quarantine list.

Over 35,000 applicants were challenged during the registration exercise.

Mr. Otokunor said his party was expecting 17 million persons to be registered and held that the current register is “reflective of the people who qualify to register.”

NDC was against the new voter registration being held and instead advocated for a limited registration exercise.

“But for the suppression; the deliberate, conscious, vicious suppression and intimidation by the government, a lot more people would have been registered than the 16.9 million we have on the register,” he added.

Mr. Otokunor also rubbished the Commission’s suggestions that there are minors and foreigners on the new register that require cleansing.

“They have no business telling us their suspicions. They must come to the people with facts. We have given them work. They have the documentation.”

“If you have no basis, you don't need to tell us that you suspect foreigners. You don't work with suspicions, especially when you have the data. Until you have the facts, you can’t tell us what you are thinking,” Mr. Otokunor said.


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