16.08.2006 General News

Youth And Millennium Development Goals Project

Youth And Millennium Development Goals Project
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Youth Voices Against Poverty" an NGO, has called for the re-establishment of a national stakeholder consultative mechanism towards the development of a National Youth Policy at a consultative meeting held in Accra this week.

The call was made at a meeting organised by the NGO on the theme "Tackling Poverty Together; Young people and the Eradication of Poverty".

Participants unanimously reaffirmed their commitment to identifying specific entry points for their participation in decision making for national development, and implementation of poverty reduction programmes under the Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy.

The "Youth Voices Against Poverty" would specifically embark on a nationwide project; "Youth and Millennium Development Goals Project" aimed at empowering the youth to achieve the goals by 2015.

While commending government in taking steps to support youth employment through the National Youth Employment Programme, participants deplored the seemingly low level of interest in developing a comprehensive and workable policy framework for youth development in Ghana. The lack of such policy framework has led to scattered and immeasurable youth development programmes which have not yielded desired goals.

Youth Voices against Poverty represents young people and youth-serving organizations which form the National MGD youth platform. The platform aims at mobilizing and empowering young people from all over Ghana, to play a pivotal role in the national quest to reduce poverty and achieve the millenium development goals.

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