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23.07.2020 Editorial

Editorial: Men Of God Not Angels

Editorial: Men Of God Not Angels
LISTEN JUL 23, 2020

Clergymen are not angels. Like us, they are constituted of flesh, blood and bones and are fallible. Their occupation being evangelistic, counselling of the troubled and investing in the economy in different forms, the tendency to expect excessive discipline from them is high.

When they flip and utter remarks which are incompatible with their special spiritual statuses which some of them often do, eyebrows are raised.

When Bishop Agyin Asare, oops! Agyinasare described persons he does not agree with as 'attack dogs' the description made expected headlines and even earned him uncharitable commentaries.

We wish he had edited his reaction before letting it out the way he did. Much as we pity him for his predicament at the end of the 'attack dogs' we would ask that he avoids the political explosive subjects which triggered it all. This way he would be spared the sharp teethed and social media savvy youth of modern times.

Describing his opponents as attack canines, as he did, is unacceptable and simply points to the extent of his anger. He appeared to have delved into Ghana's dark history when he sought to equate some occurrences today to what the Siaws and other business giants suffered in the days of the madness called revolution.

These are two different scenarios and we advise that the 'Man of God' wakes up from a seeming slumber in the case of the country's recent history so he would not commit such blunders of memory.

The envy and lawless climate of the days when prosperity was high risk is different from today when law rules.

People have bought public property and turned these into places of spiritual/business; they have not been queried about these and their investments. So what is he talking about?

Covid-19 has come with varied challenges and these encompass all facets of life. The churches too have been hit hard.

The MoMo-facilitated transmission of tithes has not helped matters, with the churches kitties still recording low contents.

We shall plead with the 'Man of God' to calm down. Three or so vaccine candidates are going through an expedited protocol prior to final approval. It is our hope that by the end of the year there would be a successful vaccine and Covid-19 would be completely subdued and church activities et al would resume fully.

As for Bishop Agyinasare's adversaries, we wish to plead that they bury the hatchet and spare the clergyman further verbal torments even if he does not apologize for his inappropriate use of language. To err is human …

---Daily Guide

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