30.06.2020 Press Release

The Undignified Means Of Seeking Political Office In Ghana, Is The Reason For Bad Govenance

By PIRAN Ghana
The Undignified Means Of Seeking Political Office In Ghana, Is The Reason For Bad Govenance
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The democratic ways of electing delegates to vote duty bearers (MPS AND PRESIDENTS) has been baster diced with inducements in the form of bribes, taking oaths in presence of an deities, mallams and people with Astra powers as Astrologers, Numerologists, Zodiac readers to conjure divine powers influence votes in a consulters favours’.

This practice deny the masses or the majority their preferred candidates as delegates are bribed or hypnotized to vote for a candidates with the highest money against the will and interest of the majority.

The above mentioned undemocratic means of electing political leaders are alien to the individual’s freedom of choice as in some cases aspirants are cajole to withdraw, or his expenses paid to withdraw and others held or postpone without due process and national executives directives.

The process of electing our MPS and Presidents are now negotiated democracy, boot out democracy and purchased or bought out democracy, the aspirants will pay any amount irrespective of the number of delegates or electors chosen since previous attempts to increase delegates has not scare aspirants to spend lavishly to win the hearts and minds selected delegates against the will and wishes of the larger interest of the masses.

As means to reduce moneycracy, hypnotization and other unconventional methods of electing our leaders can be drastically reduced to ensure sanity in electing our Political leaders, unscientific ways and means should give way to all card bearing members should vote against the stomach directed delegates who are

Either induced or hypnotized to vote without regards to the persons competence and ability to deliver to the people’s desire.

We believe the shortcomings mentioned above among others are some of the major reasons our leaders continue to perform abysmally without any checks and balances as party members don’t have the gut to critiqued their government and those with balls to constructively criticized the system are ignored and tagged enemies and detractors or the government.

We live in a country only few civil society groups criticized government constructively, the house of chiefs, Christian counsel and smaller parties are all bootlickers of the two main parties as is demonstrated in their discourse.

Electing national leaders on meritocracy is a mileage and citizens should rise against these undignified ways of always giver power to the rich who may be corrupt and non performing yet sitting on the masses interest.

All registered voters interest must count in choosing our leaders, as democracy is for the people (all) and majority choice are as well majority interest.

Yours faithfully


Felix Djan Foh


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