10.07.2006 General News

Ghanaian Lens is number one

By Public Agenda
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..Leads League of Insulting Newspapers
A News Content Analysis Research conducted by the Centre for Media Analysis (CMA), an independent Media Research and Monitoring company has named the Ghanaian Lens as the newspaper with the most insulting content.

The research, which was conducted between January and March this year was aimed at determining the extent to which "Dirty Language" is used in news items and columns carried by the Private Print Media.

The survey focused on 18 private-owned newspapers including The Chronicle, Network Herald, Daily Guide, The Statesman, The Independent, Gye Nyame Concord, Public Agenda, The Heritage, The Insight, Crystal Clear Lens, Searchlight, The Catalyst, The Ghanaian Lens, Ghana Palaver, The Daily Dispatch, The Crusading Guide, The Accra Daily Mail, and The Enquirer.

Out of a total of 363 insults recorded in the analysis of 47 Columnists' News Columns in the 18 Newspapers, The Ghanaian Lens recorded the highest number of insults with 212, constituting 58. 4% while the Ghana Palaver scored the second highest with 48 Insults (13.2%)

In terms of Insults Per News Column Analysis, the Letter to Diawuo Vampire and Taking it Easy with Uncle JB, both columns in the Ghanaian Lens recorded the highest insults with 89 ( 24.5%), and 73 ( 20.1%) respectively.

Two newspapers: Gye Nyame Concord, and The Independent were adjudged newspapers with the least number of insults with 1 Insult each while others like the Network Herald, The Daily Dispatch, The Statesman, and The Accra Daily Mail recorded no insults. Public Agenda stood out as the most objective private newspaper.

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