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25.05.2020 General News

Clinical Psychologist Urges Govt To Help Kuwait Returnees Settle Down

Clinical Psychologist Urges Govt To Help Kuwait Returnees Settle Down
LISTEN MAY 25, 2020

A Clinical Psychologist at the University of Ghana School of Public Health, Dr. Emmanuel Asampong is urging government to provide an avenue for the reintegration of the Ghanaian returnees from Kuwait.

The over 200 Ghanaians returned over the weekend after they were deported by the Kuwaiti government.

Dr. Asampong says the government must first provide an avenue for them to share their stories and for their families to provide them with the needed social support.

He said, “Normally when we have people who come to their own country under the circumstances that we are looking at, it’s always important that they are taken through debriefing. Debriefing in terms of what their experiences were and how they dealt with it to give them the opportunity to vent out so that by the time they are done, they would have had some kind of relief. Beyond that, these people belong to families. These families can be referred to as significant others in the lives of those people. They also would have to be given all the information with respect to the coming of their relatives. When that has been done, then we can let them provide that kind of social support for them.”


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