10.05.2020 Poem

Best Mums

By Michael Tettey Terkper
Best Mums
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For it is appointed unto man to be born once,

Birth of triplets, twins and ones,

And growth in stature in measures of ounce.

Blessed is the woman whose baby at birth is said to bounce,

For she shall receive a mothers day reward in pounds.

Today is the judgement day

And to the semi, partial and full mothers,

Here are the testimonies of your good manners.

Those who with hot water squeezed our skulls with the intention of shaping our rocky heads,

And the many who run after us just to take our bath,

With the few who would allow us swim in the sand till we bury our beads,

And the churchy ones who wake us early on the Sabbath.

We are grateful for the geriatric grand Mum's acting as maids,

And the celebrities who dress their girls like mermaids.

Also, the busy lady who never rested till our fees were fully paid.

The peasant woman who carries us at same time with firewood,

And the paranoid lady in the neighborhood,

To the careful mama whose shouts are easily understood.

Finally the best mummy is she with no daddy,

Who says don't attend that party.

She burns our football because we forget our assignment,

And teaches us to wash without a detergent,

And finally sucks the nostrils of the baby who cannot blow their nose.

As for our midnight cry, mummy had an overdose.

They breastfeed as we bite them,

He is only a child is the mother's anthem.

With their hands they wash our shit without any problem.

To all females enjoying what mothers enjoy but yet to face the pending responsibility,

May the Lord enable you with divine ability,

As we know your potential as mothers is a certainty.


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