08.05.2020 Feature Article

Covid-19: Mr. President its time to focus on Madagascar Cure

Covid-19: Mr. President its time to focus on Madagascar Cure
LISTEN MAY 8, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is a great leveller – a fearsome test of governments and governing philosophies all over the world. Democracies and autocracies alike have been exposed and found ill-prepared, under-equipped, and too slow to respond. The verdicts are already being written. Currently, the world has penned multiple obituaries. This is what will be remembered in years to come.

Recent cases in Ghana suggest that some undetected community spread may also be occurring. There seems to be no home-grown permanent solution at the moment. Government decision to relax some of the restrictive measures at a time the Covid-19 cruise ship crisis was unfolding is just worrying. Amidst the fear that engulfs the nation, some political actors are sadly in the business of I built this and that. Others are also making ambitious promises of some 88 new hospitals in a year. The “econdimu” debates make me sick. I asked myself if these political debates are necessary at the time people and businesses are dying and people are losing their jobs. Clearly, we have lost the sense of people first in Ghana.

Madagascar we are told has raised the pride of Africa by producing what is now known as “COVID-Organics” to cure Covid-19 disease. This has sparked a lot of arguments with some warnings from the impotent WHO that it did not recommend any medicine to cure Covid-19. But it is on record that Madagascar delivered a shipment to Guinea-Bissau and some request has been made by the Congolese and Tanzanian presidents to do same. It is just appropriate that Ghana copy with pride from these countries and import some of these medicines. As the saying goes there is no harm in trying. If people really matter to our leaders, then this is the best bet for Ghana. Our front lines health workers have gone into a battle without the defences they need.

In all honesty, the urgency and scale of the Covid-19 pandemic make it murderous to condition public-health measures on political calculations and the illusion of governmental flimflam. The sheer impotence of our state institutions has been exposed big time. I giggle any time the issues of our religious institutions cross my mind. I ask if the churches and mosques were actually healing before. Maybe we have to hold on to our traditions. Our pharmaceutical industry at best is good at producing men capsules. Funny! I am fully convinced that if the COVID-Organics worked elsewhere effectively, it will surely work in Ghana.

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