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06.05.2019 Entertainment

Kwesi Slay comes out with new term - ‘Mo Ma Menhyi Me Level’

By Staff Writer

Bernard Kwesi Appiah, popularly known as Kwesi Slay is a Ghanaian hip hop recording artist and an entertainer.

Kwesi Slay is continuously heard saying 'Mo Ma Menhyi Me Level', a term mostly used among the youth to mean 'Leave me or allow me to do what pleases me' in the music video.

The song centers on the theme 'public perception'. It basically talks about societal standards and how people are judged by their appearance and not what they are really made of. This clearly emphasizes on the popular quote 'Don't judge a book by its cover'. Many at times, society expects people especially the youth to behave in a certain kind of way which is regarded as societal norms. A good example is how people with 'dreadlocks' or what we usually call 'rasta' in Ghana, are being judged by their physical appearance and are mostly said to be drug abusers.

The hiphop artiste on a number of occasions has talked about how his hairstyle and looks always gets him into trouble with the police as they see him to be a bad boy.

The song seeks to get people to stop discriminating, being judgemental and allow people to be free to do what they want once it's legal.

Kwesi Slay's 'Level' song does not only seek to educate but it is also a jam and everyone upon hearing it will want to sing along to the lyrics and dance to the well-cooked beats.