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Stop Waiting and Start Preparing

By Tendai Mungate
Stop Waiting and Start Preparing
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Waiting for things to be perfect so that we prepare for an opportunity is a wrong mentality that most individuals embraced. We wait till our opportunity knocks on the door.

We wait till we begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. But waiting for things to be perfect will not get you anywhere but will keep you at the same stage you were yesterday. The time to get up and prepare is now. Success only occurs when preparation meets opportunity. So are you prepared enough that your opportunity can safely come to you?

One of my hobbies is studying successful people. I take time to look at their habits, stories, acts and behaviours. One thing that l have realised is that nothing comes to them that easily they have a preparation stage they have to go through to be where they are today. Dr Oliver Mtukudzi is a well-known musician in Zimbabwe famously known as ‘TUKU’.

Today we cannot talk of the music industry in Zimbabwe without talking about him. He had his time to prepare for who he is today. Tuku has over 65 albums and has travelled to nations United Kingdom and many other nations but TUKU did not start out famous. At a certain point in time TUKU would travel around Zimbabwe with his band in a mini bus and who would have thought he would be legend he is today.

Another musician l can talk of is Jah Prayzah, one of the artists that we cannot stop talking about today. At a certain point in time in his career people would pay music promoters and why would they do this? So that Jah Prazah would not perform on stage. Today Jah Prazah is one of the artists l admire because he has gone up the ladder he now collaborates with artists like Davido who knows maybe tomorrow it’s Jay Z. Neither did Jah Prazah or Tuku wake up flying international they prepared for these opportunities.

Your time to prepare is now. Do all the things that seem dirty today but in the future they will be a testimony. Today Jah Prazah might have many promoters looking for him and people paying promoters for him to perform but once upon a time the opposite occurred when they paid him not to perform.

It’s better to be prepared or an opportunity before it arrived that to be not prepared when it comes. – Unknown

Today you might say l have been working hard and nothing yields. You might be preparing but maybe nothing is coming your way. Continue putting in your work one day you will realise that your hard work paid off. I did not start out writing a long motivational article as this.

I started out with a paragraph, then became a page then at a certain point in time about three page none stop. Am preparing for an opportunity that has not yet arrived so that one day if am asked to co-author a book l will be ready. Or if the media would want a motivational writer am there waiting for that opportunity and am ready to sustain it.

Things might not be moving in the direction you want them to move today but do not stop preparing. It might look like nothing is yielding at all but remember Henry Ford failed over a 1000 times, Thomas Edison failed a lot of times, Oprah Winfrey was labelled a bad presenter.

There is a preparatory stage behind every successful person. Stick to your habits daily, compose those songs, work on that book, write that business plan, keep that business alive, and keep offering those services. Do not short change the world by giving up and waiting for things to be right. Get up and prepare for your future opportunity to achieve greatness.

Success and preparation go hand in hand. But you level of preparation should be high enough to meet up with your opportunity. – Tendai Mungate

Tendai Mungate is an Inspirational, Transformational and Motivational Speaker, Leadership Coach, Drummer and Writer, whose main purpose in life is to inspire and unleash greatness. Tendai can be contacted at [email protected], Facebook and [email protected] Mungate, Instagram @tendaimungateinspirations whatsapp or call+263784948274

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