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Don’t buy me a phone unless it’s an iPhone 15 — Lady ‘angrily’ rejects boyfriend’s Samsung gift


A relationship took an unexpected turn when a young lady, celebrating her 27th birthday, rejected her boyfriend's thoughtful gift—a Samsung phone.

The incident, shared on Silent Beads, a blog specialised in love stories and cultural content, left many questioning the dynamics of modern relationships.

The couple, dating for only three months, celebrated the occasion with anticipation.

However, when the boyfriend presented his gift, carefully wrapped, the girlfriend's reaction was far from what he anticipated.

Upon unveiling the Samsung phone, the lady expressed her discontent, stating, "Oh Samsung? Don't buy me a phone unless it's an iPhone."

Her blunt rejection left her boyfriend bewildered and unsure of how to react.

Some advised the boyfriend to change to his girlfriend's preference, while others suggested to him to end the relationship altogether.

Below is the full story:
On her 27th birthday, I bought her a phone. We had dated for only three months when her birthday happened. I stood there watching her unwrap the gift. When she took off the first wrap, she asked, “Is it a phone?” I didn’t answer. After unwrapping the whole thing and seeing the phone she said, “Oh Samsung? Don’t buy me a phone unless it’s an iPhone.”

I apologized and took the phone from her. I said, “I will return it to the shop and get you an iPhone. She jumped up and down with excitement. She asked, “I hope you’re getting me an iPhone 15.”

It’s been two weeks already. I don’t know if she’s still there waiting for her iPhone. I don’t know much in life but I know I can’t go anywhere in life with such an ungrateful woman. Me nkɔti aa ɔsi iPhone. Ɛyi, itel!

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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