‘Don’t call yourself a failure if a relationship fails; there are better options’ — Marriage consultant advises

Love & Relationships ‘Don’t call yourself a failure if a relationship fails; there are better options’ — Marriage consultant advises

Marriage consultant, Kelly Daniels has shared insightful advice regarding failed relationships.

During a discussion on TV3’s ‘New Day’ morning show, the marriage consultant emphasized that a relationship's failure does not define an individual.

In his contribution, he stated that it is common for individuals to enter a relationship with the belief that it is destined or ordained by a higher power.

“You thought this could work, you were both convinced that it was from God, but it’s not working,” he said.

However, he stressed that there is no one person specifically meant for another in this life. “There is no one person for one person in this life. There is no one woman for one man…”

“So if doesn’t work with this man, don’t call yourself a failure. It didn’t work. There is even much more than you can get,” Daniels added.

He stressed that there are always better options available and that there is more to discover in life beyond one failed relationship.

Daniels further elaborated that if a relationship is not working, despite sincere efforts and genuine commitment, it is essential to reassess the situation.

“Sof if it’s not working, you have generally invested your all wholeheartedly, not just lustfully, you’ve given everything that is in you to this relationship and from the look of things, after a persistent period of time, healthy calculation is not working, don’t keep yourself there,” he expressed.

The marriage consultant advised against sticking to a relationship that no longer serves one's well-being and happiness.

He said, “So primarily, let’s focus on individuals. What do you want right now? Is this in line with your purpose? Is this in line with your mental health? If it's not, please give yourself the break your soul deserves.”

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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