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14.06.2019 Opinion

NDC’s Non-Strategic Sammy Gyamfi Gradually Sinking NDC Into Deep Waters

By Sah Collins
Sammy Gyamfi
LISTEN JUN 14, 2019

The irresponsibility of the NDC in opposition is not only sickening but also childish. I'm very sad for the good professor who passed away just because of these crooks and block headed people who only think when they are having Sex.

Notwithstanding, there are some few clear headed individuals in this wack party, whose only crime is joining this disgraceful hypocrites. They are so shameful to the extent that, they have managed to politicise everything including crime and lawlessness in impunity perpetrated by lawless individuals. Ghana is not safe, I agree but it's because of the presence of the NDC in the country.

I wonder how the few clear minded individuals have allowed themselves to be driven to the gutters by this small boy called Sammy 'the fool' Gyamfi who has succeeded to organize a press conference when a married NPP man fucks his wife.

I know men like Bagbin is disgusted about how that boy is managing the communication of the great Losers of our political history yet they are good nuts in the company of bad ones.

I don't get it! I feel like throwing up anytime I hear him talk, even the mere mention of his on radio puts me off. They have to shut him up, chain up, lock up and be kept in a dark hole.

But I am happy because he will keep them in opposition for so long I can't see while siting here now. Sammy ' the fool' keep doing your best!

Long live Ghana
Long live Nana Addo.
Sah Collins

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