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We Are Travelers With Round Tickets!!!-A Tale By Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭

By Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭
Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭
LISTEN MAY 11, 2019
Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭

Referencing the recent plane crash, it's explicit that some passengers on board bought round tickets, but hey! Their real tickets didn't submit to the one bought by money. Unfortunately, death contested their arrival.

Following the narrative of the man, who lost his flight we can arrive at an agreement that, his real departure superseded the one inscribed on the airline ticket.

Generally, the thoughts of man puts the world in shape in his or her terrine. Replicating the past to present, complicate the future, we seize to know. It's abstract, yes it is. When thoughts have no advice, it has no value anyway. When thoughts doesn't shape, they're as weightless as chuff suspending in the airspace. The religious looks up to a creator, God! that's an incontestable fact. But if a mortal man looks beyond the will of God, reality takes steps that amazes ordinary eyes.

Verily verily, your life, work, ambitions and even family shouldn't make sense to anyone but you! You are your world. You must know that, the sun never demands reward from the day for switching. If the entire galaxy doesn't collide, why must you think of crashing into pieces? Before you make sorrow elude your heart, know that in every blink of your eyelids someone says bye to the earth. You have a reason to smile, laugh out loud, and be extremely happy. Don't consider thoughts of friends and neighbors. They're naysayers. You're a king that rules you, you and solely You!!! Jump! With a Laughter!!

Authored By:

Frederick Brooks De'Poet🇬🇭

[email protected]

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