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Feb 6, 2018 | Love & Relationships

Why Is Cohabitation Wrong? 7 Reasons Why Cohabitation Is Wrong

Photo credit - Shutterstock
Photo credit - Shutterstock

#1: Cohabitation is wrong because it puts the cart before the horse.

Cohabitation gives you the benefits of marriage without the commitment of marriage.

You live together, eat together, and sleep together before making the life-long covenant of marriage. It’s like eating desert before the main course- its sweet but it won’t fill your tummy.

That’s why many illegal couples always say, “I feel that there is something missing in this relationship.” What’s missing is marriage my friend.

#2: Cohabitation is wrong because it’s a time-waster.

Imagine living with someone for years and then the next second it’s all over just like that.

That’s the scenario that is played out in the lives of people who have live-in boyfriends and girlfriends. What a sheer waste of time; all those precious years gone for nothing.

Time is not a renewable product. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

#3: Cohabitation is wrong because it’s an arrangement between two cowards.

Ask anybody who is cohabiting and they will tell you that they love their partner so much.

If you then proceed to the next question, “Then why don’t you get married since you love each other so much?” they will either mumble, give you flimsy reasons, or change the topic.

It takes courage to commit to marriage.
So by cohabiting, you are announcing to the whole world that you are a coward who is afraid of cementing the relationship with marriage.

#4: Cohabitation is wrong because it hurts innocent children.

Thousands of clueless children are being sacrificed on the altar of a selective convenience called living together out of wedlock.

To begin with, research has shown that children from cohabiting families have more social ills than kids from married homes.

For example, they have low self esteem and are more likely to be abused than those from married homes. They are also more prone to violence. In addition, they are likely to be bad parents.

When their parents separate or divorce (which they are bound to do according to statistics) kids are hurt beyond words.

#5: Cohabitation is wrong because it breaks hearts.

Shacking up is a one-way street to emotional hurts. Here are a few common wails from people who have been wounded by a live-in relationship gone wrong:

“How could he do that to me?”
“I thought he or she loved me.”
“Men are dogs.”
“My heart is bleeding.”
If you want heart-break to be your portion, just have a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend.

#6: Cohabitation is wrong because it has no security.

Since cohabitation is an arrangement made between two lovers, it has no security.

You can be abused physically or emotionally and have no one to turn to for help and support. Your illicit lover can walk out of your life any time and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

What if you get home and find that he or she has looted the house? What if your unlawful lover decides that he or she has had enough and walks out with the kids without notice?

#7: Cohabitation is wrong because it is based on emotions.

“I’m leaving him or her because I no longer have feelings for him or her.”

“The fire has died down, so I’m leaving.”

“We are not compatible.”
These are some of the statements uttered by people walking out of a cohabitation contract.

Any relationship based on feelings is bound to fail.

Live-in relationships can be very volatile because there is no stabilizing bar of commitment. Marriage should be the starting point of such commitment.

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