What are the most innovative ideas for hospital marketing in Ghana?

By Moora Salam
Business What are the most innovative ideas for hospital marketing in Ghana?

Today, patients have more option than ever before. With dozens of health-related information available online, online doctors and online medical stores, patients now find it difficult to visit the hospital or a health care provider that is even close to their location.

That is why it’s very important to have a planned and actionable marketing campaign strategy to reach new and returning patients in your community.

Free health screening
What many healthcare professionals don’t know is that offering free screening tests leads to more paying patients for the hospital. In the business world, offering something for free or at a deep discount is one of the easiest ways to attract new and returning customers. As a healthcare provider, This gives your new patients a chance to “sample” your care approach and services. It could be something as simple as free high cholesterol screenings.

This can help you attract patients who might have otherwise gone to a retail or pharmacy-based clinic.

Doctor to doctor Referrals
Do you have a killer strategy for referral marketing? If you don’t then you are losing big time. To ensure the success of your healthcare business, it is important you develop a strong referral network in order to grow your medical practice revenue and also to attract new patients. In addition to any marketing strategy, establishing a reliable referral network is an excellent way to bring in new patients and to grow your revenue.

Host live online events
Content like Video on the internet is a lot like bread: Getting it now is vastly better than discovering it after it’s gotten all stale and mouldy. No wonder platforms like Periscope have found such success with live video content streaming.

As a medical practitioner, there is always a lot to talk about. some of the live events ideas you can try to include: a live tour of your facility, Q&A Sessions, Conduct Interviews, Offer Live Online Classes etc.

Patient Stories
Storytelling is a boon for most businesses today when it comes to branding.

Healthcare provider, in specific, is an ideal contender for telling inspiring examples of overcoming the adversity of patients who were saved by the care of a medical centre. In addition, it is great for your website. It serves as testimonial which can be reassuring to new patients.

NY Presbyterian Hospital has developed a whole video marketing campaign strategy around this idea.

Great content
Quality custom content should be a part of your marketing strategy as a healthcare provider. Create quality content to advise patients about your procedures, capabilities, practice and services. A great content is also a vital factor in your search engine positioning. By giving out wellbeing tips, you are consoling patients that you care about their prosperity, notwithstanding when they don’t have to come into your office.

Blogs and social media are great ways to distribute your content. Blogs are an incredible method to continue adding health tips to your website on a regular basis. If you need help creating great content don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Other strategies you can try include:

  • Local SEO
  • Facebook free medical test
  • Human Billboard street teams

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