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How To Help A Visual Learning Child To Excel

Your child is considered a visual learner if she gathers information best with visual cues. These kinds of learners need to see material in front of them — drawn or written — to understand it well. Visual learners tend to be keen observers who are attracted to screens and other visual content, such as art and illustrations.

Visual learners are observant of the world around them and are drawn to art. You may notice this kind of learner looking at paintings, lingering over illustrations in books, and showing keen interest in photographs. Visual learners tend to enjoy screens — whether computers, televisions, or movies, and they retain the information they find there.

These kinds of learners also have vivid memories. If your child is a visual learner, she may be especially skilled at remembering names, places, and people. She may have even exhibited these skills from a young age, by recognizing the places you’ve returned to together.

Indications to show if a child is a visual learner:

• A vivid imagination
• An interest in art: painting, drawing, or crafts

• A strong memory that relays visually-observed information

• A good sense of direction and an understanding of maps

• An aptitude in reading and a love of books
• Recognition of people, faces, and places
• A keen interest in observing the world around her

If you think that your child learns and remembers by looking, use these study strategies to play to her visual strengths.

1. Teach "visual" notes: Help your child learn how to incorporate visual aids into her notes. When she writes down information, she can sketch a related image next to it. She may benefit from drawing lines that connect related points, graphs that illustrate an idea, and images that help her remember information.

2. Watch movies or videos: Your visual learner may make better sense of content by seeing it come to life. Watch educational videos that complement what she’s learning in class. Your child may also benefit from historical films, biopics, and other movies that relate to material from school.

Today there are many available educational videos online that one can leverage. Sites that comes to mind includes Khan Academy, You Tube, and study charts just to mention a few.

Parents can sit and watch these videos with their kids during their study periods at home or whiles on vacation.

3. Use visualization: Since visual learners have such vivid memories, positive visualization is especially useful for them. Ask your child to imagine herself getting back her paper with an A on top. Athletes may use this technique successfully, as well, by imagining winning at an upcoming game.

4. Provide "visual" study materials. You and your child should shop for visually-stimulating materials. She can use stickers, colored sticky notes, and folders to keep her papers organized. Using color-coded highlighting can also be helpful when she’s studying. Your child may benefit from posters or other visual aids that you can buy or encourage her to create.

5. Enhance the workspace: Visual learners can concentrate better if their workspaces are aesthetically pleasing. Provide a desk or work area that is free from clutter or other distractions. You can also put up posters or positive reinforcements. The idea is to help your child feel calm and focused while studying.

6. Use a representation: There are different contexts in which your visual learner can see material displayed in front of her. For example, visit a museum with an exhibit that’s relevant to what your child is learning in class. Books with lots of illustrations and diagrams can also be helpful tools.

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