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How Governor Okorocha Squandered N5.5 Billion Naira Aboh Mbaise Lga Funds In 3 Years

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By Kenneth Uwadi

Aboh Mbaise is a Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Aboh. It has an area of 184 square km and a population of 195,652 at the 2006 census. The postal code of the area is 462.Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area is one of the Local Government Areas created in 1976. Aboh Mbaise L.G.A. is bounded on the North by Ahiazu Mbaise and Ikeduru LGA's on the North-West and South-West by Ngor-Okpala and Owerri North LGA's while on the North-East and South East it is bounded by Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA and Isiala-Ngwa South LGA of Abia State. Aboh Mbaise LGA lies between two state capitals, Owerri and Umuahia along Owerri-Umuahia express road. From Owerri, the Imo State Capital Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area is about 23km while from Umuahia it is 25km. From Eke Ahiara Junction, Ahiazu Mbaise, the Local Government Headquarters, Aboh is just about 10km.

A huge con game is taking place in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State. The quantity and quality of life for the Aboh Mbaise people in the grassroots of the state vis-à-vis the basic means of living have drastically plummeted. This, it must be stressed, is due to the unprecedented looting of the local government funds of Aboh Mbaisi by Governor Rochas Okorocha and his handpicked local government care-taker officials for 3 years now.

From May 2011 to December 2013 Aboh Mbaise LGA in Imo State received N5,592,911085.45 ( five billion five hundred and ninety million nine hundred and eleven thousand eighty five naira forty five kobo) as allocation from FG. Where are the monies? Imagine how Aboh Mbaise LGA would have look like today if five billion naira was invested into development of the LGA?

Governor Rochas Okorocha is looting our LGA allocation and is spending millions of our money junketing the globe and entertaining his friends and political associates in Nigeria and abroad while the poor and working people of Imo State are made to go through excruciating austerity - a case of more meat for the big fat few, and dried bone for the hungry majority.

It is all over the news that Governor Rochas Okorocha and 171 others comprising Commissioners, political appointees and CGC officials left Imo state for Turkey at the weekend for another political jamboree. The Governor claims he is on a trip to woe investors. The money used to fund this irresponsible and embarrassing trip comes from LGA funds such as that of Aboh Mbaise.

For a State in Nigeria like Imo State where Governor Okorocha has made virtually all the 27 LGA's in the state to be in comatose, the idea of his flying to Turkey with 117 members of his cabinet is another grand design by this capitalist politician and his cohorts who severally and unapologetically have debased the Imo economy to the rotten state it has found itself in the first place to find another 'vista' for haemorrhaging the already pale economy of Imo State.

as I write the 27 Local Government Areas in Imo State are in comatose whereas 132.3 billion Naira sent as allocation to our LGA's from May 2011- December 2013 has already developed wings and found homes in Germany, Turkey and England where the Governor, his family and cronies have deployed it to build edifices, Hotels and Homes for themselves. Okorocha has refused to organize LGA elections in Imo State for 3 years now because he is looting our LGA funds.

From May 2011 to December 2011 the 27 LGA's of Imo State received as allocation the sum of N33,237,734,409.59. where is the money? From January 2012 to December 2012 Imo LGA's received as allocation the sum of N47,399,708,917.13 while from January 2013 to December 2013 Imo LGA's received as allocation the sum of N51,735,979,734 making a total of N132,373,423,060 received for our LGA's from May 2011 to December 2013. Where the money? Okorocha has looted all these monies.Yet some persons want us to clap for him. No developmental project have been carried out in any community by the Local Government councils in Imo State since 2011, the result, a comatose rural area begging to be attended to. ? Yet Governor Okorocha wants us to vote for him again as governor of Imo State in 2015. What moral right has Governor Okorocha to ask for votes from Imolites when he deprived the same Imolites democracy at the grass root of Imo State?

Find below the monthly breakdown of the N5,592,911085.45 LGA funds that came from FG to Aboh Mbaise LGA alone from May 2011 to December 2013 which has been squandered.

May 2011 N 111,576,461.64
June 2011 N 148,741,574.34
July 2011 N 263,625,869.86
August 2011 N 154,079,856.67
September N 155,664,335.35
October N 181,481,512.43
November 2011 N 248,286,430.53
December 2011 N 156,159,740.95

January 2012 N 176,303,663.06
February 2012 N 156,260,595.70
March 2012 N 195,346,184.45
April 2012 N 157,830,822.34
May 2012 N 146,173,748.12
June 2012 N 146,406,416.97
July 2012 N 139,457,717.14
August 2012 N 179,986,045.59
September 2012 N 139,772,487.98
October 2012 N 137,805,275.10
November 2012 N 182,287,788.76
December 2012 N241,600,117.54

January 2013 N181,098,305.17
February 2013 N 148,259,467.40
March 2013 N 195,346,184.45
April 2013 N 185,576,150.59
May 2013 N 197,338,332.39
June 2013 N 203,458,208.11
July 2013 N 155,697,952.69
August 2013 N 182,421,472.02
September 2013 N 155,330,937.17
October 2013 N 139,772,487.98
November 2013 N 181,481,512.43
December 2013 N 248,286,430.53

Do we continue to allow the governor of Imo State to deprive local governments of the funds needed to build schools, roads, motor parks, markets etc.? Do we continue to herald him with the title 'His Excellency' when he has made us beggars and impoverished us in a perpetual state of squalor?

Do we continue to clap for Owelle Rochas Okorocha at the commissioning of petty projects, which is far below the commensurate allocation given to him? Are we going to vote Okorocha again in 2015? Let's ask questions now ,otherwise we shall continue to cry aloof with no one to beckon on us. We shall bear the pains of our parents been rejected in the hospitals for our inability to pay their medical bills, our siblings shall continue to be denied admission because of free education on paper while schools are denied developmental funds. Next week we will talk about Ahiazu Mbaise LGA funds.

-Kenneth Uwadi, Mmahu-Egbema ,Imo State,Nigeria

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