Letter To The Ghana President With Prekese Ghanamedia -Part 1

By ICACA AfricaSankofa
Political Letter To The Ghana President With Prekese Ghanamedia -Part 1
APR 21, 2012 LISTEN

Dear Your Excellency,
"The greatness of this day has given us the opportunity to write you this letter". How are you doing Your Excellency?

How is the Castle? Dear President, we were wondering, what food you and your executives eat because ever since you used the media to give publicity to your Kenkey Politics which was also copied by Nana Akuffo Addo, we the masses, are still struggling to make ends meet. Do you also come to the same markets that we patronize? Do you know that some of our food production communities have no accessible roads connected to the market centres? What is going on?

What is it that we are witnessing of threats and assaults of innocent citizens trying to simply register in the biometric exercise? Is it a warning about COMING EVENTS? Are we safe Paapa Uncle Atta?

Is it true that Your Ministers are fighting over money transferred abroad somewhere? Also Is it True that a certain Member of Parliament is to be sent to court by a Prostitute for not paying for her service?

Is it true that J.J. Rawlings and family are forming a new NDC called NDP?

Is it true that the government does not care about the dangerous irresponsible lyrics that the so-called new hiplife stars use for the public consumption? what is the role of MUSIGA?

Is is True that many of our graduates in Ghana have no jobs and most of them would not take National Service Postings to the rural areas?

Is it true that some prosecuting judges are being paid to support your government's diabolic plans to send Ken Agyapong to jail?

Did we hear that 20 female's at the Nsawam prison are all pregnant. Who got them pregnant?.

What is it that we are hearing about some ministers and well to do people getting their families abroad, because they see danger ahead....Is that true? Why is Ghana going thru this?

Can't you put structures in place to prevent a future chaos and violence in Ghana? Your Honor, Do You Know that we the people we do not TRUST all POLITICIANS AND ANY PARTY? NDC, NPP, CPP, IPP, NDP whatever.............experience shows that U are all u have any different opinion?

PLS help make Ghana peaceful so that we can all sing HEN ARA HEN ASAASE NI.....

Yours Patriotic Citizens,

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