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FEATURED STORY Tithe Paying Is Certainly A Sin...

16 July 2011 | Religion Blog

Germany Forest in written history name of GOD.

Germany Sign of Love
Germany Sign of Love

According to New German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said Islam “does not belong” in Germany. Where more or less than four millions 'Muslims' people's lives in heart of Germany, and Germany is the European heart of the official sign of States (Protocol) love in Islam where Bonn, City, Germany, the only 'Sign' on earth the Islāmic Declaration of Faith the (Virtue/Kalima) without known seeds and inks written in the Germany Forest in written history in Islam.

Another word in the heart of 'New German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich' own heart that probably never seen lately his own bedroom wall Mirror? To govern his own States without 'Islam' first he who has to fight with Forest Minister(s), Bonn, City, Germany, with his own administrations to say “Islam- “does not belong” in Germany”.

Yesterday we as a nation faced the critical symptom known as 'Aid', and 'Swine Flu' today 'E. Coli' tomorrow what are we going to face does New German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has any clue?

Our only hope that New German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich declare 'WAR' against the Almighty Lord “Allah” before any confrontation with four million Muslims in Germany?

The Virtue/Kalima Written in the Forest By Germany Minister 'Hans Peter Friedrich'. Then says to his peoples no 'Islam' April fool out of European Minister(s).

The author's of 'The Islands Historia De Amor' wish was as Germany 'New German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich' without second question first to declare war again Bonn, City, Germany Forest Minister(s) without written permission to plant the natural tree with name of “La-He-La-Ha-Hil-Lal-La-Hu—Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La” in the Forest is not a crime under the Germany or European Law?

Not only More than four millions Muslims in Germany but around the world Muslims including U.S.A. non-Muslim Novel Prize winner Doctorates Doctor Carol will proclaims in the name of own States Lord that the natural tree in the forest spelled out the name of 'New German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich' Almighty Lord, 'Allah' in the Forest says in the Holy: ( John: 16 : 6—16), Bible forget about Holy Bible Quran for time being fourteen Hundred years ago was discovered spoken words written not only in Holy Bible Quran but in the heart of 'New German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich' soil Land of Germany, in Bonn, City. Forest.

Then you and I going to be against the own soil under our own feet the more enemy we become the more sign we will discover on earth. Until officially Declared the name of not Hitler but Bonn, City, Germany, Forest Minister, Rt. Hon, Allah. Kingdom of Almighty Lord.

Therefore kind request to the 'New German interior minister Hans-Peter Friedrich' with your own administration(s) at least pay visit to Sunday Churches before you ever says “Islam does not belong in Germany”

The Country Germany is probably going to be the First in Virtue and going to the last in destiny in Islam in Europe before second City as 'Tsunami' 2004. Nothing was remain in the Land of Jesus Christ to treasure in love but only Mosque?

Millions of people's were washed away without the trace of human being ever was on earth in Tsunami. Where were the Minister(s) and the King of the Land? In England Buckingham Palace?

May my God “RAM” “RAM”-”Shri Guru Nanak” save Peoples of Germany and the Minister(s) Kingdom from 'Tsunami' disaster and or never run from as 'Gohor-Govindo' Hindu Religion administrations from the Palace, in history in Sylhet District, Bangladesh.

The open diplomatic choice remain in the hand of our German interior Minister Hans Peter Friedrich with European States Minister(s) without compromise with Bonn, City, Germany, Forest, Minister, Allah. Before it's to late as natural fruits and vegetables Tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuces banned by own Government instead of Government of Allah.

The European environmental Public's Health officer Rt. Hon, Lord “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He” in Germany, Bonn, City, Forest says; The 'Fresh Green Salad'-(Worship/Ritual/Namaj/Salat), to be Taken Five Times a day, no alcohol drinks, in the Kingdom of Almighty Lord, specially for the European States Minister(s) members of public's cannot afford to lose identities sake of our European States Minister(s), under the 'LGBT' regulation of Law not Sir or madam but your honour?

quot-img-1God called me because He foresaw me and I responded because I heard His voice.

By: Pastor Clifford Owus quot-img-1