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08.02.2009 Religion

Modern christian dating


Lisa is thirty one years old, and lives in Miami, Florida. Lisa is a dedicated Christian and a successful Criminal Lawyer. She has been hoping and praying to meet 'Mr right' in the person of a dedicated Christian Guy, to fall in love and get married for the last five years. As she approaches her thirty second birthday she has been asking herself, why is this so hard to find? Am I asking for too much? Are there no single Christian men out there?

One the biggest issue facing single Christians of all ages is finding a Christian partner. Ministers often preach that it is better to get married than to burn in lust. But generally single Christians look around in frustration as they are told what to do but no one tells them how to meet a good Christian partner. So why is meeting a partner, falling in love and getting married anymore difficult for Christians that it is for the wider secular community. Well the simple answer is that the Holy Scripture says that Christians should marry Christians. The bible tells us not to be yoked with unbelievers. While this passage of scripture is subject to more that one interpretation, the effect is the same. Even though a Christian may meet attractive people at work, University etc, the Christian man or woman knows he won't be fully compatible unless they share a common Christian belief.

The other reason is that sometimes churches are small and eligible prospects are few and far between. Even if they are singles of the opposite sex in our churches there may be compatibility issues, the singles in your local church may not be what you are looking for, they may not be in the right age group, they may not have the physical characteristics you are looking for, and there may even be issues with educational compatibility. Almost invariably then when it is said that there are no men or women in my church, it generally means that there are no men or women for me, or better said the single men and women in my church do not meet my requirements. I must however stress at this point that while these comments come frequently from Christian females, the problem of finding a compatible Christian partner is also common among men. If this is surprising then the fact that it is a global concern may come as an even greater surprise. Single Christians are having difficulties finding suitable partners In North America, The Caribbean, Asia and Europe, indeed all over the world.

The good news is that we are all apart of a global Christian community. The twenty first century has brought with it many changes and Christian dating has not escape it, the internet has revolutionize the way dating is done. Christian online dating has made it possible for single Christians to look outside their local churches and even their local country and to meet and date other Christians all over the world. The internet as a dating tool therefore literally brings people together. Personally I have met many Christians in the churches that I have visited in the USA and Europe who have met partners on Christian dating sites, many of whom are now happily married.

Benefits of Online Dating
Online dating offers many advantages even when compare to traditional dating:

1) Security: The nature of the internet allows potential partner to communicate by emails until they are ready to exchange contact details and meet. It therefore makes it easier for each party to decide that 'this is not working out' and move on, without the emotional scar. Internet dating also reduces some of the temptations inherent in regular 'face to face' dating; it allows people to get to know each other in a secure environment without the constant presence of sexual temptations.

2) Busy lifestyle: The biggest advantage of using internet dating however is it allows people with busy lifestyles to engage in dating process from the confines of their homes. In a time when many Christian professionals find it hard to allow time for meaningful socialization the internet is an invaluable tool.

3) Finally using a genuine Christian dating website such as and a few others, means that a young man in Miami can meet, date and eventually marry a girl in Sydney, Australia or Kingston, Jamaica. Twenty years ago, a single Christian would have to wait in his or her local church for the 'right' person to come along which could take years and sometimes if we are honest never happens. I strongly belief that Christians should change with the time and use the tools available to enhance their lives.

I have use a few Christian dating websites and can definitely recommends www., my friends have also used eharmony and have good things to say about it.