21.08.2004 Feature Article

Kicking the NPP Out of Power -Basic Strategy

Kicking the NPP Out of Power -Basic Strategy
21.08.2004 LISTEN

The political climate of the nation is getting clumsier and if care is not taken we as a nation will be losers. The way forward to save this country is for all opposition parties to come together and put up only one candidate. The NDC should as a matter of urgency be humble enough to team up with PNC where the permutations should be such that PNC provide the running mate to Prof. Mills. In the Parliamentary elections the NDC should cede constituencies where other parties has comparative advantage to contest the NPP candidates. We as a nation don't have the luxury to afford another term of the Non Performing Party whose stock in trade is mischief and lies. Ghana has been turned into Animal Farm and it is about time the electorates are well informed about the corruption going in the country. The CPP should be encourage to accomodate the fact that they are no longer the flagship of the Nkrumah Legacy and we all need to be one fight NPP come December 2004. It is time for former Prez. Rawlings to be at the backstage to allow Prof Mills to come out and stake his claim to the presidency. If Prez Kufour can win election without Rawlings then Prof. Mills should also be able to stake his claim. It takes party supporters and persuasion of independent voters to win an election so NDC, PNC, CPP should bury thier matchet and field only candidates that are electable. Finally, NDC should in no way, try to impose any parliamentary candidate on the consituents and all sitting MPS should contest the primaries irrespective of their relations to the top executive. Efua K. Sackey. NKRUMAIST of the Modern World. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage. By .

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