Polls for 2016
14-10-2016 Ghana Election 2016: EC's Charlotte Osei Was Right To Disqualify Dr. Nduom & Others
20-09-2016 Money Has Replaced Respect In Ghana—JJ Rawlings
22-08-2016 Mahama pardons Montie 3
01-08-2016 Montie FM Trio Saga: Should They Be Pardoned?
29-07-2016 Ghana Votes On December 7th: Do You See The Electoral Commission Ready For The Elections??
18-04-2016 November 7, 2016 Presidential Elections
24-03-2016 Emerging Terrorist Threats: Are We Safe In Ghana??
14-03-2016 Comedy Of Errors At 59th Independence Of Ghana: Are You Happy With The Actions Taken By Government?
25-02-2016 State Of The Nation Address 2016: Does President Mahama's Statement Offer Any Relief To Ghanaians??
09-02-2016 Death of Abuakwa North MP: Should The State Give Our Members Of Parliament Police Protection??
08-02-2016 The Revival Of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR): Is Government Likely To Turn Things Around In The Oil Sector?
08-01-2016 Guantanamo Bay Asylum Seekers: Should Ghana Be Worried Over Terrorist Threats??
04-01-2016 EC Reforms: Do You Think Election 2016 Will Be One Of The Most Credible Ever??

Polls for 2015
09-12-2015 On Utility Tariff Increases: Do You Believe The PURC And Their Stakeholders Have Been Fair To Ghanaians??
12-11-2015 2016 Budget: Do You Have Confidence That Government Would Offer Any Economic Hope In The Election Year??
26-10-2015 Has Afoko Chairmanship Brought Peace To The NPP??
09-10-2015 President Mahama: Ghana needs strong institutions, not aggressive leaders.
26-09-2015 What Form Of Punishment Is Suitable For The Judges Implicated In The Judicial Bribery Scandal?
10-09-2015 Era Of Corruption In Ghana...Do You Think Our Leaders Will Ever Learn To Do The Right Things??
24-08-2015 Ahead Of Elections 2016: Do We Need A New Voters Register??
11-08-2015 Doctors' Strike Action: What Do You See From Afar, Have They Been Overly Unreasonable With Demands???
24-07-2015 Do You Think It Is Too Early To Sing Praises Over Rise Of The Ghana Cedi Against Major Foreign Currencies??
07-07-2015 Political Violence At Talensi By-Election...Do You Believe Ghanaians Should Be Worried Ahead Of 2016
12-06-2015 Rejection of Ebola Vaccine trial a sad day for science - Prof. Dodoo
02-06-2015 Should Ghana Revert To The Old System Of Education?
19-05-2015 Has NPP Become Useless And No Alternative Opposition Party In The Fourth Republic?
12-05-2015 Dumsor Getting More Frustrating...Do You See Any End To This Crisis?
13-04-2015 Should The Death Penalty Be Introduced For Corrupt Officials?
12-03-2015 The Current Energy Crisis Is The Worst Of All Times In Ghana, Do You Agree?
12-02-2015 Ghana's Major Problem Is Corruption, Do You Agree?
08-01-2015 Do You Think Fuel Prices Should Go Down Further From The Initial Adjustment Of 10%?

Polls for 2014
03-12-2014 Should churches in Ghana be regulated?
19-11-2014 Do You Believe The 2015 Budget By Government Offers Any Hope To Rebuild Ghana's Economy?
06-11-2014 Controversy At Ghana Parliament: Do You Think Our Leaders Have Lost Confidence In Made-In-Ghana Goods?
16-10-2014 Is Ghana Indeed Ready To Host AFCON 2015 Amidst The Ebola Threat??
03-10-2014 In Africa We Celebrate The Corrupt Officials...
12-09-2014 Sacking Of Coach Kwasi Appiah: Do You Believe GFA Boss, Nyantakyi And Others Must Follow Suit?
04-09-2014 Do You Believe The Black Stars Deserve Our Full Support After No Show In Brazil??
04-08-2014 Do You Believe IMF Is The Last Resort To Save Ghana's Economy?
10-07-2014 Do You Believe Ghanaians Are Tired Of Too Many Assurances And Promises??
27-06-2014 Do You Think Ghana Was Eliminated From The World Cup As A Result Of Poor Management Of The Team?
11-06-2014 Do You Believe Ghana Black Stars Can Reach The Semi-Finals At World Cup Brazil 2014??
16-05-2014 National Economic Forum: Do You Believe The Senchi Consensus Can Bring Anything New To Ghana?
30-04-2014 Rising Cost Of Food Prices: JJ Rawlings Says Ghanaians Are Hungry... Do You Agree With Him??
20-04-2014 VAT On Banking Services...Do You Think It Is A Good Idea And Are Ghanaians Ready For This??
16-04-2014 Churches operating businesses must pay tax
06-04-2014 Will the benefits for Ghana signing the Economic Partnership Agreement EPA with the EU exceed its advantages?
24-03-2014 Do You Think Ghana's Energy Crisis Could Be Over Anytime Soon As We Are Made To Believe?
13-03-2014 Grade Competency of Mahama's Led Government
04-03-2014 Ghana @ 57: Do You Agree With The Assertion That Our Leaders Have Failed Us?
25-02-2014 Would Ghana Need A Change Of Government Come 2016?
24-02-2014 On The President's State Of The Nation Address: Do You Believe President Mahama Will Offer Any Hope??
11-02-2014 Do you support ending the dollarization of the economy?
06-02-2014 Is the Mahama led government the right choice for Ghana at the moment?
29-01-2014 Do You Believe GMOs Should Best Be Kicked Out Of Ghana??
16-01-2014 Do You Think Providing Pre-Paid Systems To Regulate Water Supply In Ghana Is A Good Idea? Are We Ready For This??
02-01-2014 Do You Believe The Year 2014 Would See President Mahama Perform Better???

Polls for 2013
13-12-2013 Do You Think Our Corrupt Leaders Will Learn Anything From The Selfless Nelson Mandela??
21-11-2013 10% Salary Cut For President, Ministers: Is That The Solution To Our Economic Woes As A Country???
18-11-2013 Is The 2014 Budget Going To Offer Any Economic Hope For Ghana??
29-10-2013 Judiciary is Ghana's most corrupt institution - Dr Raymond Atuguba
29-10-2013 Ghana Has Become A Lawless State...Do You Agree?
11-10-2013 Can We Win The War On Corruption When There Is No Political Will But Only Words To Fight It?
26-09-2013 Era Of Terrorism Has Given Cause For Grave Concern...Can We Say Ghana Is Safe From Targets Of Terrorist Attacks?
17-09-2013 Ghana needs ‘thinkers' not 'talkers’ – Majority Leader
16-09-2013 Do You Really Believe "Ghana Is Free And Free Forever" As Nkrumah Declared On 6th March 1957? Can We Say "Now The Black Man Is Capable Of Managing His Own Affairs"?
09-09-2013 Electoral Reforms: Do You Think Any Reform By The EC Can Help Curtail Challenges In Future Elections?
05-09-2013 Do You Think Anything Can Change Should The NPP Seek For Review Of The Supreme Court Verdict?
05-09-2013 Can Anything Change Should The NPP Seek Review Of The Supreme Court Verdict?
31-08-2013 Mahama wins, but can he move Ghana forward?
29-08-2013 Was it a fair verdict?
28-08-2013 Do you think Ghana will soon be heading towards betterment if...
27-08-2013 Do You Think Justice William Atuguba Can Restore Confidence Lost In The Judiciary With A Very Fair And Just Verdict?
13-08-2013 Will Bawumia be a better vice president than Amissah?
06-08-2013 Is Mahama himself clean enough to fight corruption in Ghana?
30-07-2013 Did Mills, Mahama and Betty Mould benefit from the 52 Million Cedis paid to Woyome, since we now know from Betty Mould that Mills was aware ?
26-07-2013 Has the Mahama led NDC government made any positive changes in Ghana since January 2013?
21-07-2013 Who can move Ghana forward as a president?
17-07-2013 Who was the best lawyer so far at the supreme court?
15-07-2013 Are the supreme court judges sometimes being dictated to by Tsatsu Tsikata?
10-07-2013 Who will win, in case of a Re-Run election?
06-07-2013 The Presidency of John Dramani Mahama as compelled to that of the Late President John Evans Atta Mills, who or which is better?
25-06-2013 Is Atuguba using his position as the president of the supreme court to rule over the democratic right of the Ghanaian people?
19-06-2013 Do you think Justice Atuguba is acting more as a 4th respondent than as a supreme court judge?
17-06-2013 Will President Mahama remain, Nana Akufo-Addo will take over or a run-off election?
12-06-2013 Do you opine that some of the supreme court judges, especially Atuguba are Partisan?
08-06-2013 Judging so far from the supreme court proceedings, can you say the 2012 election was rigged?
05-06-2013 Are the petitioners counsel being mobbed in the supreme court on behalf of the respondents?
03-06-2013 Which of the two parties seems to be loosing the ongoing supreme court case?
30-05-2013 Did Kwadwo Afari Gyan collaborate with the NDC (Aseidu Nketia) and therefore got something to hide in his testimony?
29-05-2013 Why is Atuguba not ordering Aseidu Nketia to give simple answers to Addison's questions, as he (Atuguba) did to Bawumia, during Tsikata's C-examination. Is Atuguba giving a preferential treatment?
26-05-2013 What is your judgement so far about the supreme court proceedings as at now, which of the two parties is HEADING?
21-05-2013 Which role is the King of Ashanti, Nana Otumfour Osei Tutu II playing?
16-05-2013 Is the supreme court overall, Atuguba somehow bias?
13-05-2013 Is the economist, ("Over Voting" and "No Verification No Vote") Bawumia better than his cross examiner, ("The Pink Sheet Lawyer") Tsikata?
12-05-2013 Has Tsatsu Tsikata been fair in cross examining Dr. Bawumia?
29-04-2013 Can the EC Chairman, Kwadwo Afari Gyan be trusted?
13-04-2013 The Current Ghana Economic Situation Is...
27-03-2013 Is The Size of Mahama gov't too large for Ghana?
12-03-2013 Can the Mahama led NDC Government really move the Country forward?
08-03-2013 Did the budget statement offer hope for the economy in 2013?
18-02-2013 Ghana's Underdevelopment Is Due To
08-02-2013 Do We Have To Hand Over The Management Of The Osu Castle, A Property Of Ghana To The Ga Youth, As Proposed?
08-01-2013 Was Kufuor right to have attended Mahama's inauguration?

Polls for 2012
27-12-2012 Is it right for a president elect to absent himself from his victory rally?
14-12-2012 Has the EC been fair in its decisions?
09-12-2012 What is your impression about the electoral proceedings?
12-11-2012 On December 7, Ghanaians will vote a new president into office. Who among the following do you tip to be the president?
20-09-2012 Do you think Nana Addo's Free SHS is worth investing in?
09-09-2012 Is Ghana Safe Under NDC Or NPP?
10-08-2012 Immortalize Professor Mills With Unity, Selflessness - President Mahama
29-07-2012 Do you agree that President Mills should be bury at the Flagstaff House?
18-07-2012 Causes of the Judgement Debt Menace
26-05-2012 To preserve Rawlings NDC must win 2012 elections - Okudzeto Ablakwa
22-04-2012 Was Hon. Ken Agyapong right of what he said?
31-03-2012 Does the NDC really need Jerry Rawlings to win the 2012 elections?
26-03-2012 Was government's decision to boycott some media houses right?
19-02-2012 Did President Mills' State of the Nation address meet your expectations?
04-02-2012 Woyomegate: The best way forward
19-01-2012 Is President Mills right to dismissed the Attorney-General?

Polls for 2011
06-11-2011 Decentralization of powers to regional levels in Ghana is long overdue.
25-09-2011 Does the NDC deserve a second Term?
29-08-2011 Should Government terminate STX deal?
06-08-2011 Is Government Buying Journalists?
23-07-2011 Will the Rawlingses break away from NDC?
07-07-2011 Is Google+ a threat to Facebook?
31-01-2011 Which Of These Personalities Would You Prefer Leads The NDC In 2012?

Polls for 2010
29-12-2010 Constitution Review: The indemnity clause
20-11-2010 Should Government impose taxes on religious bodies? (2011 Budget)
17-11-2010 Let's make Akan Ghana's official language
13-11-2010 Who is better placed to represent Ghana, Abedi or Nyantakyi?
24-09-2010 Approval ratings for the last two former Presidents behaviour in public and in politics.
09-08-2010 Should Other Political Parties emulate The NPP's Process Of Choosing A Presidential flagbearer?
22-07-2010 Who Wins the NPP's Flagbearership Race?
08-07-2010 Don't you think it's time we try our own coaches instead of imported coaches? Ghana won all its' African Cup by local coaches.
06-07-2010 Must Kofi Wayo apologize for denigrating Parliament?
05-07-2010 Is Luis Suarez one match banned justifiable and enough?
26-05-2010 What will happen to Ghana Black Stars at the World Cup?
23-05-2010 Should old politicians make way for the youth?
20-04-2010 Can reforms eliminate political and ethnic instability in Ghana?
01-04-2010 Can Ghana adapts a coalition system of government?
23-03-2010 Ghana at the moment, are you satisfied with the current progress?
10-01-2010 Is it not about time for Ghanaians to vote young charismatic leaders to move the country forward? Leaders like Nkrumah, Obama, etc.

Polls for 2009
16-12-2009 Which party will u vote for if elctions were held today?
15-11-2009 Are modern churches in Ghana preaching the Gospel , making money or performing miracles?
11-10-2009 MABEY AND JOHNSON: Should Government accept the awarded reparation money?
31-07-2009 With the recent killing of suspected "armed robbers" by police, I am beginning to feel secure...
05-06-2009 Should a president or a minister resigns if he/she lies to the state?
15-03-2009 President Mills approval rating so far?
21-01-2009 Do you think Prez Mills can fulfill his 100-day Promise?
08-01-2009 Do you believe any of the following accounted for the parliamentary losses in Election 2008?

Polls for 2008
10-12-2008 Who among the following do you tip to win the December 2008 Runoff election?
14-11-2008 On December 7, Ghanaians will vote a new president into office. Who among the following do you tip to be the president?
09-09-2008 Was the 70% sale of Ghana Telecom to Vodaphone good for Ghana?
27-06-2008 Who Will be Ghana's Next President?
25-06-2008 Should the Government Review the Law on causing financial loss to the State?
03-06-2008 Is Ghana Ready For Election 2008?
05-03-2008 Do you have a wish to buy or to build a house in Ghana?

Polls for 2007
23-12-2007 Can the CPP become a third force in deciding the winner of the 2008 Ghana Presidential elections?
30-11-2007 Choose five NPP presidential aspirants who would qualify for the 2nd round of the race after Dec. 22
26-10-2007 Do you think Ghana is ready for a female President now?
25-09-2007 As an NDC or NPP fan will you go for a viable independent presidential candidate in the next vote?
07-09-2007 Your presidential choice for NPP in 2008 (II)
30-07-2007 We have had so far 5 civilian governments in 4 republics. Which civilian government is the best ever?
08-07-2007 Is Funeral Most productive industry in Ghana?
08-07-2007 Globalization!!! Is this good for Africa? Does it Increase Poverty and Inequality?
20-06-2007 Oil found in Ghana. Will this reduce the Brain-Drain and move the nation forward economically?
21-05-2007 Do you think the redenomination of the GH Cedi going to help?
15-03-2007 Should VALCO Close Down?
04-03-2007 Was It Right For The Ex-President To Decline President Kufour's Invitation To The [email protected] Events?
27-01-2007 Should Ex-President JJ Rawlings Feature in The [email protected] Programmes
09-01-2007 Your presidential choice for NPP in 2008 (I)
02-01-2007 Can Prof. John Evans Attah Mills Of The NDC Win The 2008 Elections?Send Your Comments

Polls for 2006
11-12-2006 Should The Government Of Ghana Spend So Much Money For Its 50th Anniversary? What Do You Suggest?
04-11-2006 Who Should Be Blamed For The Current Political Tensions Involving The Current and Past Presidents?
08-10-2006 Rate Ghana's two-game Asian friendly test?
13-09-2006 Is Ghana mature enough for democracy?