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12.06.2017 Sports News

FEATURE: GFA need to crack the whip on clubs that deny LIVE telecast of their matches

FEATURE: GFA need to crack the whip on clubs that deny LIVE telecast of their matches

Before the start of the season, Ghana Premier League clubs ganged up, under the leadership of Cudjoe Fianoo to compel the GFA to increase the StarTimes sponsorship package each club was supposed to get.

To me, it was their money and I have no qualms with that.

Now the league has hit the curving point and clubs are denying StarTimes access to telecast their matches after taking their money. Incredible?

We are the same people who call for professionalism in our league but we are not professionals. As for the money, the clubs were loud enough to march for it but they don't want their matches to be LIVE on TV. Why?

Great Olympics vs Tema Youth was supposed to be on TV but information reaching me is that Olympics denied strongly and the PLB accepted their denial. The match eventually was not shown.

In the end, a sumptuous goal scored by Joseph Paintsil , which could pass for the goal of the season was left uncaptured. A huge marketing opportunity missed. Amazing!

Today, Aduana Stars have denied the StarTimes/GBC Television Crew access into the Dormaa Park to telecast their clash with Kotoko.

Their reason is that the crew failed to telecast their game with Berekum Chelsea at the Golden City Park LIVE so they won't allow them.

The PLB helplessly looks on because it is not money they are going to share. So their concern is not that much.

We are the same people who want our league to move forward yet we always stick to primitive and uncivilised practices in the game.

SuperSport faced similar challenges in their 3-year telecast of the GHPL matches, yet no club ever faced the hard side of the law. So they continue.

StarTimes have also started facing same and the PLB is quiet.

My investigations have revealed that the PLB can't issue any strict punitive measure to any club since they represent the clubs.

So expect such to continue. Yes it will continue until the GFA cracks the whip.

I think the ExCo of the GFA can curb this canker immediately. They have to hand such clubs serious punishments like slapping them with heavy fines to deterr them from continuing such irrational acts.

In any case, we in the media, will always slap the GFA with all the aacusations for the league's failure to land sponsorships so the GFA must work assiduously to curb that menace and to bail themselves from such accusations.

As of now, the Premier League has no title sponsor and do the clubs think their posture to StarTimes will lure investors to want to sponsor the league?

Well, let the GFA watch on.
But the only solution to this conduct of the clubs is to crack the whip and not to compromise with anything.

By: Sheikh Tophic Sienu @desheikh1 on twitter

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