04.05.2005 Sports News

Nyaho Tamakloe resigns

Nyaho Tamakloe resigns
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Accra, May 4 -- The head of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) resigned Wednesday angrily, shortly after a court ruled that the association can go ahead with impeachment proceedings against him. "The high court ruling makes my position untenable and I believe I must resign," said Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe in a letter to the sport ministry, according to reports reaching here. Nyaho-Tamakloe has been at loggerheads with the GFA's 37-man executive council since he became GFA chairman in April 2004. And after the council publicly declared that it had no confidence in him to function as the association's chairman, Nyaho-Tamakloe took the matter to a high court in the capital Accra. But "the high court ruled that for daring to make reforms of the football association, the executive council can go ahead with impeachment proceedings against me," said angry Nyaho-Tamakloe. It was "absurd" that the GFA's statutes give control of football matters to the executive council while the management board is put in charge of administration, he continued. "The GFA has an unwieldy body of 37 members superintending the day-to-day activities of a five-member board which makes neither common nor business sense," he charged. World football governing body FIFA has said the GFA structure is "extremely complex" with the superposition of three bodies, thecongress, the executive council and the management board. The structure creates instability and therefore should be streamlined and simplified, FIFA stressed

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